Version 19.01 - General Feedback

I think CCP have missed something! when are they going to update Jita Trade hub???

It still looks the same inside when you dock! you can still see the upgrade work outside!

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ивент вы испоганили по полной программе, и не только ивент, вы поганите игру все больше и больше

Speaking of reviving…bring the ancestry selections back, please? Such things are great for immersion and set a structure in place for character building. If newbros ask about it too much (if ancestry choice matters) then add a tool tip, don’t remove the whole feature.

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The firing rate of the missiles is now less than 4s, due to the damage delay ,a higher rate of fire means more waste of firepower,and the cycle time of target painter is still 5s.
how about
Replace the bonus of bastion module to missile with damage bonus
Replace the TP bonus with explosion radius bonus like RNI,makes golem more ‘caldari’
that will make it more comfortable to use.
Finally, I want to say I’ve been waiting for 8 years since odyssey ,but there is still no T2 bastion module. :smirk:


I feel like the update has just killed the HAC’s usefulness over faction and t1 ships in terms of small gang fights.

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Did anyone ask for a triple nerf?
I dont remeber HACs being OP (compared to pirate faction cruisers) considering the hull price and skill requirements.

Bastions of War Update website shows:

Marauders and Bastion module:

  • Bastion now increases the rate of fire for all large weapons by 50%
  • Bastion duration increased from 60s to 90s
  • Vargur:
    • 5% bonus to large projectile rate of fire was changed to 7.5% large projectile damage bonus

But the marketing email we got this morning says:

Their unique Bastion module now doubles the rate of fire for all large weapons while active, making Marauders an even more formidable element on the battlefield! Bastion duration has also decreased to 30 seconds, reducing Marauders’ commitment to a single position alongside their newfound power!

So which is it?

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30 seconds.

They dropped 90 seconds after it was received badly by the community.

Guess we can’t say CCP never listens to the players.


it has nothing to do with the date. its a version number. This has already been addressed a few times

I’m glad if you can relate to this number, because I can’t relate to anything at all. CCP could just as well slap a build number on it, it would have the same zero effect.

Don’t know why HAC are getting these nerfs. The resistance nerf is already a hurtful nerf to subcaps. This is the 2nd or 3rd nerf to assault damage control? Its a great idea and what HAC needed to be in a good spot? Why are y’all nerfing them? Now they got the sig radius reduced! The blanket changes are destroying the already in ruins solo pvp. Marauder chancing are good but we will see how long that last. Give some love back to solo ships which were introduced for us to begin with. Don’t forget, it is a sandbox game. Well suppose to be.

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HACs probably needed a nerf but it’s pretty sad to see a nerf to tank and sig instead of just removing the ridiculous range bonuses. Munins, Eagles, and Cerbs are still going to be pretty good after this but the others which were in a decent place are going to be garbage. The whole concept of HACs as a tanky fast cruiser doesn’t work if you remove all the tank. Forcing them to engage at reasonable distances is the nerf we needed and still don’t have.


I agree. It seems that the nerfs were rushed and not fully thought thru. It wasn’t that long ago when hacs needed something to make then more useful against pirate battleships spam. Which was never a problem until they made anoms respond and gave them escalation which spammed bpc. Instead of saying “we made a mistake here” they go on random blanket nerfs which has drastic effects on multiple ships. Then they spend more time, energy, and resources to make them worth a damn to turn around and put another blanket change.

Maybe i should just put in a application instead of bitching about it on the forums.

…and in 2 years the marauders get the nerfhammer. well done :roll_eyes:

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: … The Paladin Bonus change from “Capacitor Recharge Bonus” to “Turret Activation Cost Bonus” was not good enough … First, it Weakened the Capacitor in general, we need the Capacitor for more than just weapons … Secondly, the bonus was not enough … a Paladin that was stable with two capacitor modules will now need a third capacitor module to be stable … wtf !!!

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The HAW introduction was the marauder destroyer. Calling it a nerf is a understatement.

Im happy you know this was a nerf and not a buff

I am happy to know that every single one of my Marauder fits are cap stable and now have heavier DPS ability without changing a thing. Good Job CCP :+1:, this time around.

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Best Marauder change ever!! :+1:

The Sensor Strength bonus buff to marauders is completely broken in regards to probing – if a Marauder (I am using a Golem in testing, which has the highest base signature radius) is in Bastion, with a single faction sensor booster loaded with ECCM scripts, it requires perfect scan skills, perfect spaceship command skills for covops/t3 subsystems, Mid-grade virtues, hardwirings, 2 Gravity capacitor rigs, and at least 1 rangefinding array in the mids.

So far, with testing if I attain just over 100 probe strength, I can barely scan a marauder fit as described above, using the most expensive implant set and hardwiring, and with perfect ship/scan skills.

Marauders are completely safe in deadspace to most of the game, coupled with the insane amount of damage they can put out now, there is very, very little risk to people flying marauders in DED deadspace.

EDIT: this is with Gravimetric Sensor Compensation level 0. So add 20% more Sensor Strength to the hull.

EDIT 2: As for a fix, if the Bastion module applies a “100% ECM resistance” bonus to the hull, why is the 1000% sensor strength bonus even there? Remove that, and it’d be balanced – it cant’ be jammed in bastion, and can be probed.