Version 19.01 - General Feedback

Im happy you know this was a nerf and not a buff

I am happy to know that every single one of my Marauder fits are cap stable and now have heavier DPS ability without changing a thing. Good Job CCP :+1:, this time around.

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Best Marauder change ever!! :+1:

The Sensor Strength bonus buff to marauders is completely broken in regards to probing – if a Marauder (I am using a Golem in testing, which has the highest base signature radius) is in Bastion, with a single faction sensor booster loaded with ECCM scripts, it requires perfect scan skills, perfect spaceship command skills for covops/t3 subsystems, Mid-grade virtues, hardwirings, 2 Gravity capacitor rigs, and at least 1 rangefinding array in the mids.

So far, with testing if I attain just over 100 probe strength, I can barely scan a marauder fit as described above, using the most expensive implant set and hardwiring, and with perfect ship/scan skills.

Marauders are completely safe in deadspace to most of the game, coupled with the insane amount of damage they can put out now, there is very, very little risk to people flying marauders in DED deadspace.

EDIT: this is with Gravimetric Sensor Compensation level 0. So add 20% more Sensor Strength to the hull.

EDIT 2: As for a fix, if the Bastion module applies a “100% ECM resistance” bonus to the hull, why is the 1000% sensor strength bonus even there? Remove that, and it’d be balanced – it cant’ be jammed in bastion, and can be probed.


RIP solo blopse

Its still pretty dangerous to get to the DED I have to point out… and the Golem has to sacrifice a midslot for that and can still be scanned out of Bastion, which it has to leave for every DED site I know off (besides the 2nd part of a 9/10, which is irrelevant because it will finish that one before you even have any combat scanner in system).

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not really… sacrificing 1 mid isn’t much. it’s even less risky if you use a low slot signal amplifier.

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It is not dangerous to get it to a DED at all. You can easily just shove the marauder into a capital and jump it to your desired system.

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Yeah sure… just … cyno a cap around, and then… have a Fort in every system? Totally risk free… 300mil cyno… and then you get scanned in your Marauder on your way to the next gate when you lose all that sensor streght so in the end the mid/lowslot did only buy you a few seconds to still get scanned in the end or you leave your DED and hope the combats didn’t cycle before you got into warp and you jumped a cap around … like… Marauders are not OP, this is such a niece use and jumping a cap around as a suitcase its extreme effort, requires a 2nd toon or a Fort/POS in all systems, you are better of with a T3 still, which makes the Marauder not OP.


^^ this is bait

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If you cycle your guns only half as often as you previously would have, you can achieve the same dps as the pre nerf version but with better cap performance, almost as if this was actually a buff not a nerf.

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Its not supposed to have an effect, its a version number.

“Assault Damage Controls:
Duration reduced by 25%
Passive hull resist bonus reduced from 30% to 25% for Tech I and from 40% to 30% for Tech II”

It’s no wonder that most of the fleets you see are non committal kiters these days. CCP is constantly nerfing any plan that relies on tank and encourages / net buffs sniper wet paper bags.


Pushing HACs to a less mobile AB-based role in the meta is a perfectly fine balancing decision but it really hurts the class overall to remove a defining role bonus and replace it with nothing. With really only 1 HAC standing out in the meta (Muninn) it seems overkill to cleanse the entire class with fire.

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This is what I do, and if your recon pilot can fly the Marauder, the recon pilot stows the cyno ship , gets into the Marauder and warps to the site while the Carrier Cloaks in a safe. Hard to find the Marauder (simply watch d-scan for probes, bastion if you see some, don’t take gate in DED if you see them) and impossible to find the carrier.

I’ve been doing this for years with my DED running Machariel and with the new deployable cyno, it will get safer (the deployable cyno will of course introduce a new cost to running, but that’s business for ya lol)

You do know you can probe for his drones, wrecks, and other things, right?

You cannot probe wrecks…


ccp folks

character customization is STILL BROKE @ finalize step . just says your being prepared and finalize button does nothing
secondly i have a gallante toon and it has caladari as bloodline and description . reported this numerous times with numerous screenshots

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Hey Sam, thanks for letting us know. The issues are fixed for a lot of users but still rolling out for others. Sorry for the inconvenience, the bugs have been squashed but we have to be precarious with distribution of the pesticide but it’s coming.

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