Version 19.02 - Known Issues

Same!!! FIX it!!!

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I’m sitting at 0 on a moon but the right click menu still tells me that I can warp to the moon and warp to range to the moon (not the moon beacon, the moon). When I use Warp to, nothing happens.

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Now that you mention it, I’ve had the opposite situation sometimes lately: an object or fleet member is more than 150km away and I do not get the option to warp to them.

Adding to the annoyance of the profiles being removed, annoying af!


Please stop ignoring us!

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For the launcher profile issue, from @ CCP_Aurora today:

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Three weeks without a word on the gate sounds issues. Maybe we should start posting on reddit as well to get a token reply ? Seriously…

Bug report was first filed on February 25th (when it was still “occasionally”), and was updated several times since it became “permanently”.


I cannot open the CCP Launcher

I am once again getting the “The next Stargate on a Route in the Info Panel may not always be selected” bug with this update.


why am I not able to open the EVE Launcher

Unable to download launcher 1889101. It crash during the dowload and launcher 1878290 is closing immediately later. So impossible to launch the game.

For the last 24 hours the game has been whacking my gpu - I can usually run 3 clients quite happily then suddenly yesterday the gpu maxxed out and all I can hear are the fans.

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4 weeks since introduction of permanent sound bug. Can we please have some word from the devs / community managers ? @CCP_Dopamine @CCP_Aurora ?

It’s getting worse. Since a few days it’s “Ship Sounds” that persist as well now.


@CCP_Dopamine can you finally fix this annoying sound bug (stargate sounds persisting forever after the first jump in the session)? It’s impossible to hear anything unless I zoom-out maximally. At least read the report I’ve sent you.
Thank you in advance.

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Same here, running 3 accounts worked nicely before but now the fans are on max duty.

Am i the only one that dosn’t complain for evrything ? jesus guys, you sound you are like in perma heat or something

Do not mention that word again !

Joking aside, a piece of broken client is not really fun, especially after a month with not even some level of confirmation.


Is it really tho? I mean… is it REALLY a problem

Yesterday I encountered that annoying sound for a first time. I understand now how annoying it is. It is some kind of persistent noise hearable whenever my view is zoomed in on a ship. When zoomed out, the sound goes away. I don’t know if that didn’t happen to me before or I just realised it yesterday because I was on headphones and not on speakers. CCP please, take a look at it and fix it, me and whole lot of other pilots would be grateful for that fix. :wink:


When will you fix that atmosphere humming gate sound which stays and grows with every jump?