Version 19.05 - Known Issues

Hello there,

Another monthly update (Version 19.05) is live today! Please use this thread for reporting any issues found in this version of EVE Online. Thanks a million!

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  • Several sounds are currently missing (like when switching between Tactical Destroyer modes or when deleting a character).


  • Perimeter lights around acceleration gates may be offset


  • Missing UI when clicking Help Section video link in chat.


  • Propulsions modules do not work around new gates


  • CSM Vote page doesn’t recognize Omega status (possibly related to widespread internet outages).


  • POS passwords are currently not stored as expected

Scan results still don’t show up in sequence in a stacked window.

Item/ship hangar still cannot be opened with hotkeys in structures and still close every time you undock or log in.

The event tooltips still don’t show the full event section information like they used to until 19.04, instead they just show worthless default text.


I’ve had no internet outage and I still cant vote.
2004 omega char


It’s not about your internet, it’s about the service this call to check for omega status is relying on.
A lot of websites are down because of that outage. And it is possible the check for Omega status may be relying on that as well.

It’s down for me too.


“The duration of the buff is 15 minutes, and can be re-applied to the full duration again by simply activating your cloak module again.”

Does that mean, that we have to decloak first? Cause it seems like i cant reactivate my cloaking device right now, without decloaking first. In other words you cant move supers anymore without downtime jumping.

MWD is disabled on grid at the new gates.

Nice QA there o7



Developer Comment:

We are setting the new hardened cloak buff with a 15 minute duration to start, but in the future we have the option of adding even more time to specific cloaks or even certain ship classes if needed.

They are likely watching this and may change the duration for capital ships if it turns out to be an issue for those ships.

You won’t immediately be at a 30 minute jump timer, so up to that point you could still jump + cloak safely through hostile space.

If you want to be cloaked for 15 minutes maximum, you could make 3 jumps at maximum range in hostile space being cloaked up. Only after that you will need to be cloaked for longer, but even then you’re not guaranteed to be decloaked by one of those observatories.

I came back to eve after a 4 year break. I’ve been playing less then 3 month and already thinking of unsubbing because of the way ccp launches stuff.

Stop launching stuff that is broken (as in not working as intended) on launch.
(CSM webpage, WCS and interdiction launch, The mining event with bugs that made it unplayable).

This is a way to lose customers. They only ship that keeps CPP floating is the Friendship between capuleers. Without our ingame friends it would not be worth going through bad and quickly cobbled together updates.

Please CCP: Show some respect for your players.


FYI there was a bug some days ago where I and a bunch of people were kicked off TQ and for a few minutes it would claim we’re alpha. There should be bug reports on it (not with much more info because there really wasn’t any, but maybe the exact time helps?).

8th of June 2021 will forever stay in EVE history as the day bots won

I have disagreed with many changes over the years, but there have been a few “gems”
The clocking changes is another to add to the bag of CCP gems.
Right next to the citadel spam, the “keepstar”, the keepstar and sotyo in High Sec


The timer should be gone after deactivation of cloak. Why keep timer when cloak is down? More mess on the bar only…


There is no info in game description to the mobile observatory that it is not allowed in High sec.

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Why is the gate in Ahbazon a Caldari Border gate? Why is there a Caldari State propaganda structure on grid when even the construction site has Amarr control towers? It ought to be an Amarr border gate and an Amarr propaganda structure … Come on, cCP.

And why is a border gate on a planet? These gates are supposed to be far away from any celestial.


Contracts still show high sec systems below 0.5 true sec (ie. 0.49 down to 0.45) as low sec and 0.1 systems show the null sec red color in the rectangle.



Not sure if I want to call this an issue or not but whenever you decloak by approaching something, the game now plays the MOOB decloak alert jingle. It is a bit annoying and unnecessary to get this warning when you get decloaked by a gate.


You… obviously haven’t looked at many other gates. There are several that are near planets across the game, especially in the Placid region

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Not border, constellation or region gates. Near a planet as in a few AU away is different than sitting right next to the planets in the rings. There is not a single B/C/R gate that does that. For good reasons as it should be harder for people to check these gates than normal system gates.

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perhaps direct mee to this ‘good reason’ according to lore, if its the old ‘FTL Travel/stargates’ chronicle, you’re reaching a bit honey, because at best that chron/article is greatly outdated, at worst, largely innacurate, to current lore.

Science around the impact of these huge stargates doesn’t become outdated. There is still no other border gate this close to a celestial and I outlined the reason why this is the case.

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