Version 19.08 - General Feedback

CCP mode of operation, for the 13 years I have been playing. Nothing has changed in that time:

  1. Put some crappy update on Sisi, which was developed by someone who has no idea of how the game is actually played.
  2. Invite feedback from players
  3. Ignore said feedback completely
  4. Introduce the crappy update into TQ, regardless.
  5. Receive a huge range of complaints from most players
  6. Maybe change a couple of little things to pretend that they are listening to said complaints.
  7. A week later, ignore all further comments and complaints and move onto breaking something else.

New players should be aware of this process, to avoid being under the impression that CCP actually care what people say.


Because people love doing 3-4 clicks instead of 1 while doing PI, so why not implement this improvement into character UI?

Anyway… the new character sheet/ skills “look good” at first glance but ergonomics are a total disaster

  • lots of information hidden or not available
  • lots of wasted space
  • can’t hide the 3D character
  • skills in a separate window, everyone got used to clicking on the character icon (or on the little blue loading bar)… and having everything character-related (skills definitely are) in 1 window with tabs was a good thing…
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you’re not talking about that mobile game UI or that wiggly character animation, are you?

yep noticed that to. It even gives a little sound when you try to resume the queue but it never actually bothers to tell you why its not working.

Error sounds without an error message. Top quality CCP design.

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Another fun fact:
When you finish daily skilling spree, you’ll probably accidentally jump over 5m cap and stop your training.


Mobile tractor units (MTU) can no longer be used in:

  • new player starting solar systems
  • career agent solar systems

Isn’t Eve complicated enough already, with mods/ships/deployables behaving differently in hisec/losec/nullsec?
(Also, the error message is cryptic - this will confuse new and old players alike)


By the way, an interesting thing was noticed by almost all CSM unanimously saying that “this alteration of the window is perfect or they just like it”, the same can be said about some CCP.
I do not want to go into the so-called conspiracies, but apparently they are influenced and they are not ready to speak out that the update is a piece of ■■■■ :с


Please make the training time visible next to skill again.
It is super inconvenient to have to right click a skill to see this, or alternatively add it to the queue.

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In regards to the new character sheet, after 50 years of gaming, I’ve seen better D&D character sheets for effectiveness and simplicity in showing information. Guess I have only 35 or so years to see improvement from CCP in this regard. :wink::smiley:


I can’t see sp required by right clicking

If I need a skill plan, I just think of one myself. It isn’t exactly, you know, “hard”, planning ahead that is.


now you see why they needed to change it… too good

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And while you’re at it, could you also bring back the old tool-tips, with the ability to see/buy skills.

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The missing information about the SP needed for each level (or at least level 5) is currently buried where you first need to do right-click, show info, and THEN you mouse over the + sign in the popup to view this. This can be annoying to an alpha account where you have a limited total amount of SP that you can collect.

Suggestion: Make it so that when you mouse over the + sign in the main window, it shows both time to train and SP needed - as all it says currently is “Add level # of this skill to your training queue” there should be plenty of room to add in two more lines, one of “time to train the next level” and “#/#” for current SP / SP for level 5.

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If you have the skill learned (but not @ lvl5), then right clicking will show you the training time. Otherwise, all you can do is basically see the same options as you do with inventory items in your hangar.

true, however, i am not interested in training time, i want to know how many skillpoints it will cost

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I hope i am the 1st to notice this feature. Was this the same before the update? I cant seem to find any way to read the 1st row of missing materials. EVE is hard.


It’s 2021. You’ve taken away Jukebox, the ability to customize our UI colors… please start giving. Letting us opt-in/opt-out of the new map was great. Let us do the same for UI changes. And give us options. Make different UIs for us to choose from and let us customize them a bit.


next stop: HUD overhaul incoming.

Opt in option to keep using the old character sheet pleasee