Version 19.08 - General Feedback

@Uriel_the_Flame You know the question goes both ways… “Don’t you have a computer?!”


Tell that to CCP not me. By the way not sure if you are aware the original meme this one is based on but you can google the phrase and look up the related blizzcon video to understand the context and meaning if you are not aware already.

@Uriel_the_Flame Thank you for providing context. Now I do understand what you meant.

It seemed confusing and the opposite at first because I did not know the origin of the meme. Context and extra info definitely helps becasue not everyone knows every meme’s origin and meaning out there.

:thinking: Since when do you stay aligned to a target that does a warp on grid? I just told my ship to approach a ship that then warped and my ship just realigned itself. That was amazing. Sadly, on a second try it didn’t happen again. But could this please be a thing?! Please? That would make me very happy. =)

New week, new game update (that is definitely not a launcher update because the game told me it has an update and needs to restart) and no patch notes.

Agreed - IF you have a ship with drones. Skill properly in drone use, fit your ship with the right modules and you can take out a LOT with drones only.

Why does this useful window tell me in the Skill Catalogue that Torp Spec needs ~33 days to train but in the Queue skills over 30 days say “1Mo 20D” for Light Fighters for instance (or 1Mo 3D for said Torp Spec). Can someone explain to me why there are 2 different time displays in the same window? :thinking:

On the list on the right they try to show months (mo) next to skills. I don’t know the reason - but I am guessing because it help people get a better understanding of the duration, for example when they are told 4 months it can be easier than 120 days for example.

30 days = 1 standard month

So on the Torpedo Spec skill 33 days = 1 month + 3 days. (1mo 3d)

But I cannot tell you why the list on the left shows days only, and is different from the time on the right that shows months. :upside_down_face:


have you thought about a option for putting mastery levels directlyin your skillplans?

The month display on the right in the skill queue window is very imprecise! Saying a skill will take 1month and 10 days to train is completely confusing. A month does not have a constant number of days, it varies. So 1 month and 10 days could mean a skill takes 38 days to train, or it takes 41 days to train! Why the hell have you used such a moronic way to indicate skill times?

What is up with this bad design you guys are implementing there lately? This new skill window is just crap. Roll back to old, or provide an option for people to opt for the old version. Skill categories take up way too much of the screen real estate, and on the right you can no longer see what items are unlocked with skills, unless one maximizes window size. This design is stupid! You guys should get over yourselves, and admit you’ve been wrong for once!