Version 19.10 - Known Issues

the "AT XVII 1v1 battlecruiser filament keys dropping from abistle runs are showing the following for date

The proving ground event accessed through this filament will be accessible for 24 hours, from downtime on November 14th until downtime on November 15th.

Any news?
If this got back to work it would be great!

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I would also like to know if there is any news on the Win7 and Intel GPU issue. CCP devs have been very quiet.

Speaking of transparency issues:

  • you cannot turn off transparency in the Char Sheet once you accidentally turned it on by stacking it in another window. Likewise, you cannot make the char sheet transparent if you wanted to do so on purpose.
  • adding a new chat window to an existing chat stack still turns the stack transparent.

Could the CCP developer who had this brilliant idea to screw with window transparency, who called this feature “light background” and who has not worked on fixing these issues please step up their work. I really do not want to have to turn off transparency every time I get a private convo and I also would really like to not have my char sheet transparent any more after I recreated a bug.


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Funny thing I just noticed about the new skill window that was not there in the old skill window: The moving arrows of the currently training skill have a visible reset glitch ever 4 seconds. This is kind of unnerving as it distracts the eye involuntarily, and it should not be visible in an endless scroll of the ever same graphic.

The old skill window does not have this glitch. Or it is not visible and instead cleverly hidden in the completely faded out moving arrows animation.


that is rather annoying…

a badly coded loop.

3D preview of the Mobile Observatory … is empty.

3D preview of the Mobile Covert Cyno Gen is … empty.

3D preview of the Mobile Cyno Gen is … empty.