Version 20.01 - Known Issues (PC)

CCP has no QA


Yah. I didn’t do the kill dalek one, but my tracker failed after the first set events. I’m stuck at 25 points now. I filed a ticket, but I haven’t gotten a response yet.

According to “Events” channel, some players do not actually have such problem… And I did not have it either yesterday until server restart. But the first mission completed after down time had no follow-up. Progress halted, bug report submitted…

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if you fixed this respawn rate it is still insanely low

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There’s another bottleneck on the Z-157 and Z-167s. I’ve ran a dozen Dangerous sites and not received a single one. You just need to look at the sell orders in Jita to know there’s a problem

This has been a complete failure. The moment you included the player market in the equation the events was doomed. It’s not even financially worthwhile.


I just got this message in a event site.
Bug - but no idea what for… or maybe declaration of war by the Daleks?


Seriously? :upside_down_face:

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If you bring that one (1) ISK into Jita the local folks will double it again and again until you have one trillion ISK. :wink:


My whole radial menu is missing. Oh wait, that’s because I turned it off because it kept popping up doing dumb stuff during PvP and almost caused me to lose a ship a couple of times. Radial menu was fail from the word go. CCP waited time developing that botched abortion of a “feature” instead of doing something useful like fixing the “Disable light background” failure to persist issue. :rage:


click faster

Speak for yourself, I love the radial menu. Great QOL improvement imo

Keep your hands off of my Radial Menu. Nothing is more annoying than using the right click menu for mundane things like warp-jump to some place, orbit something or keep at range and similar things.

That menu is so much more convenient than the fumbling with the right click menu. I wish they would make the RM more stable instead. Lately, the RM becoming unresponsive (it suddenly just doesn’t want to show up anymore) more often than in the past, which is quite annoying. I regularly have to reset the hotkey to another and then back to the desired hotkey to make it usable again. It should also get more contextual options and a menu to customize it.


Event crates from Redemption can’t be moved into a ship’s cargo. :frowning:
Nor are they tradeable on Market :frowning:

• Interstellar Convergence Booster Crate
• Paradoxical Nebula Firework Crate

Collectors like to collect All The Things. But we can’t put these items into a neatly labeled container. :frowning:

Workaround for this issue, create a courier contract to move the item. I had the same issue wanting to move a filaments crate.

ty for the tip
That gets it to a new location, but… (to CCP) i’d still like to put these things in containers / ships / market :slight_smile:

Funny thing: I logged in today in the morning and on one char out of 4 the Notification widget showed 519 open notifications. This char now also plays the notification ping sound every time a new notification arrives, even though the setting to play the sound is not activated. And it keeps playing the notification sound even after I turned the setting on and off.


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I have 5 windows witch 3 are pay by $, 2 by ISKs…
All time 1 window works fine, another windows have lagged and diconnect to server.
This is comming with current update.
Any fixes can be ?