Version 20.02 - Known Issues (PC)

Hi folks o7,

We have a new monthly patch on our hands which went live today, 8 February. Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in this version of EVE Online.

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  • The Laelaps has incorrect warp scramble range reduction bonus.


  • CTRL+Shift does no longer work to unlock targets, except if the keys are pressed at exactly the same time.
  • Customizing the position of on-screen messages is not working consistently. Workaround: Try to restart the client.
  • Rejecting alliance contracts does not always function as expected

Ambience music will disapper evrytime you open an in-game tab, enter a site ( dosn’t matter the type of site ), docking in station, etc.

This turn the game in an unwanted mute mode

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If you had the neocom menu on the smallest size before the patch and resized it after the patch you are not able to get it back to the smallest size again.


Still the case

The skill button is now CONSTANTLY blinking when not training skills on that character (intentionally)

if I had a spare skill queue activation, then i’d understand but i don’t.

This is really annoying !


I attempted to use the new alliance contract cancellation functionality mentioned here:

  • :handshake:Contract managers can now reject Alliance contracts created by members of their Corporation.

I confirmed that the alliance CEO cannot cancel alliance contracts. This can only be completed by someone in the same corporation. The Reject button does not show if you’re not in the same corporation. I’m sure this is by design.

I then tested with the CEO character of the corporation of the contract maker. The Reject button now shows. Unfortunately it did not work and I have a suspicion why. Here’s a screenshot of the error message:

My theory is that the CEO of the corporation was not able to cancel an alliance contracted posted by a director-level character from that corporation. I have not tested on a line member contract.

thanks for pointing that out… there is a slight defect with it and we hope to deploy a fix for it very soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for acknowledging the Neocom minimum width as an issue.
I really hope the ability to resize it to original minimum size returns, as it really has a strong impact on the real-estate space of those of us without ultra-wide monitors or high-res monitors.


looks very much slower to me. I need like 3 min between clicking my alt and able to play.

Also seems like it uses more RAM.

  • Corporations and Alliances can now be dragged into the name field when creating contract.

Unfortunately dragging a character name from the in-game Notepad utility into the contract name field no longer works.

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Did someone in the QA department not wear their glasses when checking this build over? seems all the warning text that pops up got enlarged.
for example:


Ctrl-Shift not unlocking targets.

Even if I am pressing at the same time.


Drag and drop a name in from chat messages or a message of the day into a (private) contract does no longer work.

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Can confirm for incursion sites that upon warping to the acceleration gate, the music dies out.


Seconding. The “No skill in training” blink has to be disable-able.

It is just incredibly annoying. So much so that I don’t want to play my alts.

Maybe tie it to the notification disable switch if it can’t be given it’s own right-click disable option.

EDIT: Before someone suggests disabling ALL Neocom blink … shouldn’t have to break other stuff, like wallet blink, just to get rid of a new unnecessary annoyance. Also, that doesn’t get rid of it either!


I have to confirm that the game is a lot slower for when launching it and login in to a character
and it uses a lot more RAM than before on the same settings.

All in all there is a big difference in performance to the game before the patch which is clearly noticeable on my inexpensive laptop.
Please look into that or give us a solution to fix it from our side.

thank you,

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And option “Enter moving mode messages” does not work corretly anymore


The difference between 50% and 100% BRM appears to be going exclusively to the Reserve Bank and not to the Main Bank. Assuming Reserve Bank is 5%, after bounty tick and ESS Main Bank payout (assuming not robbed) you’d expect 95% of the original bounty in a 50% system - that isn’t happening.

Why i still hearing combat music even tho i don’t want tho ?
Why if i open any kind of tab, my game sound go into mute mode ?