Version 20.01 - Known Issues (PC)

Hi spacefriends,

A new monthly update for the New Dawn Quadrant went live today, 11 January. Please use this thread for reporting and tracking of any issues found in this version of EVE Online.

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Gameplay & Events

  • Interstellar Convergence challenges are not properly refreshing.


  • The Interstellar Convergence VFX appears on the Raven Cryptic Mimesis SKIN.


  • The UI window for some crates is failing to open. - fixed with client patch on Tuesday.

This looks really broken to me. These buttons ought to be in the middle of the screen.


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This is actually an intentional change, as far as I understood. :slight_smile:

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How can this possibly be intentional? What reason would make it a good thing to have these buttons literal astronomical units apart from each other?


Still timing out when trying to use skill plans.

Rorqual drone dmg calculation still uses ORCA skill level. [Industrial COMMAND Ships skill should not be used. CAPITAL Industrial Ships should.]
See the screenshot:

also: EBR-227839

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I’ve had this issue since the skill plans were introduced, but now it’s preventing me from opening my skill window altogether until the request times out…

not able to get the launcher to connect to game client


такая же проблема…

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Ice belts still not always despawning when finished.

Some people with Windows 7 and DirectX 11 can not launch the game


Could you please give more details (or send a bug report with the details)? For which specific video card are you experiencing this? If this is on a laptop: Does the laptop has also a 2nd graphics chip?

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Tech support contact was initiated prior to posting on this forum, requestrd data had been sent ty for looking into the matter
update, situation resolved, tyvvm boosted (nvidia driver 497.29)

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open fleet hangar missing from radial menu

Seems like there is some formatting issue/Text box with the Event Task “Self Defense” entry (middle one in screen shot) as it isn’t showing the relevant points that are given for this task.
The text is a little too far right and seems to be kicking the Flag icon and points out of the visible box.

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If the signature spawn rate and filiment bpc drop rate is intentional, then this is one messed up event. This is really a slow, tedius, not fun, process when you don’t get rewards that are worth more than what you can make mining veldspar in a venture in a 1.0 security belt.


High level defect:
New challenge is not rendered. It appears greyed out. Can’t progress event. Happening on both my accounts.

(Duplicate of defect in next post)


Missions fail to appear,


Yep. Not being able to progress on the event has been pretty demotivating to me right now.

In addition to progress, the events serve as a prompt on what to do for this event. The only way I have an idea right now on what you can do is by reading up forum posts and outside info. That doesn’t seem very friendly for those that are less experienced.

No way to get more points. The bar says ‘3 active’ but there is no descriptions or buttons. The event ‘flag’ on the top-left of the screen is also blank… I guess the rewards are just shown to tease… meh

The artwork is nice and colorful in the sites, so good work for art department. But the QA and testing department have really missed a lot of problems.