Version 20.03 - Known Issues (PC)

Location Folders Strings in space seem to be broken.

And it’s been more than 4 months since it’s been pointed out and CCP answered to investigate the issue, nothing have been reported about bastion modules deletion of +2 target lock bonus.


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Hello, Today I have white noises when playing eve on browser. It never happened before.


If I buy something in the store, then I cannot press enter and buy. This issue was also on the test server.
“Enter” key not work


I undocked at Amarr and game crashes after few seconds. Then when I try to log back in, ship warps back outside station and crashes. Stuck in this limbo.

Level 5 skills no longer showing in the skill window when i have ‘have prerequisites for’ chosen

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So when can we expect BPO’s?

I really liked the explosion reflections off my ship. :star_struck:

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I got that as well. I closed the client, fixed permissions, and ran a client validation check. The problem went away.

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I really hope this is not intentional.

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Skillbooks are still missing from NPC markets:

  • Mining Barge
  • Exhumers
  • Deep Core Mining
  • Gallente Industrial
  • Minmatar Industrial
  • Capital Industrial Ships
  • Mercoxit Ore Processing

Industrial Reconfiguration and Capital Industrial Reconfiguration were fixed in this update, but the above were not.


I am not sure if this is mentioned as the Neocom issue noted above. But any minimized, not closed, windows: character sheet, market, wallet, etc., will instantly repopulate (expand) upon the screen if you minimize the Skill Tree window from a full screen view.


i did a 6/10 part 2. There were no frigates :slight_smile:
i had to use dscan and the enemy ship remains on dscan for some times after the enemy left the system

CCP please fix the seeding of BPOs and Skills already. It has been 4 hours.


and secret patch to reduce table loot drop, it’s bug or just scamm from CCCP

You can’t compress them without the modules, and BPOs for those are not seeded. Yelling is not going to help.

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You didn’t mention that it was about compression in structures.
Patch notes seem to be clear in that we need modules (i.e. Rorqual or Orca) for moon goo compression.
You can always refine it like we did until now and move that.

Did they say that compression would be possible in structures?

Or they forgot about it like seeding BPOs and skills.

@CCP_Paragon are we supposed to be able to compress in upwell structures? It seems to be missing in action.

Edit: Asteroid ore can be compressed but not moon goo.

lil ot … but … divide stack ? … where is that one ? and does it do what i hope it does?

if u rigth click on a char in any chat. the rigth click menu for options is broken. is hard to start a private chat with someone. or invite to fleets etc etc

does the structure has reproseccing service? … if not … then all good there … structure must have it to compress fyi

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