Version 21.01 - Known Issues

Thank you for extending docking animation to insane length of 1minute and 7 seconds so that every one will keep undocking to avoid seeing annoying this bs.
More people in the space and then more fights in the universe. brilliant, our genius CCP games has messed just a variable in the code and made universe more dynamic !


I am no longer seeing any docking animation. The Docking graphic appears, my ship disappears from space and then a black screen until my ship is shown already perched in it’s hangar slot.

You should have seen this with your forum notifications

Oh I thought if this (in this case, the search) was known they would have lined it from this post to the post which specifically mentioned the known issue (in this case the search)

Its not tied to the patch release, it was another issue, so it wouldnt have been mentioned here. Thats why it has its own topic about it.

Groundhog day with Photon crap: While CCP fixed one issue with clipping margins and clipping scroll bars, they either overlooked or introduced a new clipping scrollbar.

And the clipping issue with buttons is still not fixed. :facepalm:

How much longer or how many more rookie mistakes like these will it take until CCP gives up on Photon?


still not fixed:
Interface: Scrolling inside various windows, most annoyingly hypernet history window scrolls 10% per mouse wheel tick instead of just 3 items. This was introduced with the update on december 13,2022, I filed several bug reports(e.g. EBR-242236) and yet it hasnt even been worked upon. Please fix this CCP - its a small bug you introduced in a minor update, so it shouldnt be to hard to look at what changed(especially when I give you the exact patch that this occured)

EDIT: This also affects the event notification history, rendering that feature entirely useless as well


Some text windows (here the TDF-Official) chat channel cause rapid blinking and refreshing of the text which leads to major FPS reduction when the windows is resized in a way that only shows the Pilots for local chat.

pictures with FPS monitor as reference


I wrote a bug report about this 3 weeks ago but havent gotten any response if that is being worked on yet.

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Even worse, it doesn’t go away after you undock again either. With the previous version of this notification I would occasionally have the text stuck on screen, but now it’s the sound too. The only way to get rid of it is to view inside.


This is what Photon does to the multiple confirmation notification for trying to contract multiple fitted ships. :+1:


The sound is still playing out the wrong side of my headphones. Please please please either look ito this or add a swap sides button for audio.

VPNs are still allowing for the bypassing of the region lock. #BanVPN

Some effects/textures are missing from the Nestor’s Friendship league skin.

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I’m quite certain the left and right audio channels are reversed…
All sounds (including most obviously explosions) come out of the wrong audio channel.

(I verified my own audio setup is correct before posting this. Other games, websites etc. are correct. Only Eve has reversed audio.)

Other people have experienced this as well (since at least Nov 2022):

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Same here. I have wrong side audio too!

Using the game in “fixed window” mode, If I press escape while the game menu is already open (ie press escape to pull up the game menu then press escape again, intending to close the game menu), rather than returning to the game, the entire game minimizes to the taskbar, and the game window refuses to restore.

Trying to Alt-tab back into the game selects the game program but doesn’t display the game. The only way to get the game window to reappear at that point is to press Alt-enter, which switches the game to windowed mode and the game window reappears. Then I have to use the game menu to change the game manually back to “fixed window” because alt-enter doesn’t cycle back to the last window mode.

This issue sometimes is repeatable just by pressing escape twice while in “fixed window” display mode. Then sometimes pressing escape from the game menu just returns to the game as expected…

This issue used to happen more frequently about a month ago.

Excessively long docking animation times and very long black screen times when logging in.
Also switching ships seems to take much longer than normal.
Please fix these as they are really annoying me


They have not yet expired.

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expired and expires in 1 day 11 hours
nice was trying to actually use things for a change i noticed its the same on the training accelerators

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