Version 21.03 - Known Issues

You can now toggle the global font shadow. You’ll find the new option in the Text section of the General tab in the Settings menu.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

And it looks like you fixed the “your sell order” colour too: excellent!

AND the glowy mouseover looks turned down a bit? woohoo! is it my birthday or something?

10/10. I’m Very happy

Continuing the discussion from Version 21.03 - Known Issues:

Drones can not be launched in groups anymore by using the right click context menu in drone window.

In the drone window right clicking a drone group and selecting “launch drone” ( note singular ) will only launch one drone
selecting multiple drones doing the same also only launches ONE drone

drag and drop for drones works
shortcuts shift+f and shift+r also work, just not the right click context menu


forced to listen to combat music in mission, with all settings turned off and no way to control the loudness volume other than turn all sound off completely.
Seems to be 1 combat song then it stops.
it might also be trailer music (but launcher is closed)

^^ New filter on type in the market orders doesn’t filter on type , only by name ;p

Do you happen to know which mission was affected by this? It would be awesome, if you could send a bug report about this.


Im getting this also and along with the market tab not opening keep having to switch character screen and relog in

Help! errrr. … anyone know where my saved locations in space have gone?
I can’t seem to open the Locations window???

Click L. That opens the main BM window, there’s a small button top right of it which looks like a square with an arrow pointing out of it, that open the old “L window”.

ahh 1000 thanks, i just re-logged in and L is working :slight_smile:

here is bug report

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Logging off and switching characters breaks all sorts of things. Windows disappear, chats don’t allow you to join or want you to join channels you don’t have access to on this character of the account, among many other issues.


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This new/loud music also occurs in Incursion sites. You cannot lower the volume with the music volume slider, only the master volume slider…or just disable sound altogether

Before update: audio was working
After update: audio stop exist anymore

I’ve encountered a small bug after today’s update. When switching accounts (log off and then choose new account from character selection screen) it’ll keep the chat channels from the previous account in the neocom channels list, and if acls prevent access to channels you will get endless modal popups until you close / restart the client.

F12 in game

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I knew it… Crapping Photon is at it again to waste more space:

This was the headers before today in compact:

This is the headers after today’s patch:

Compact mode is bugged. As you can clearly see, it is active in the bottom window because it has no window icon. It was fake turned off in the settings (I had to activate the box again) but it was still broken.

Same problem in all other windows that don’t even have compact mode: After today’s patch, there is again ridiculous padding in tabs. Like here:



or here:




Chat windows keep opening back up in new windows after being closed


Something funky is going on with the suspect/criminal flags/timers in these new shadow war sites. If we engage a suspect player inside one of the sites, our logi can’t heal us anymore. If the logi puts combat drones on the suspect that everyone else is shooting at, then they can continue repping allies. Logi receives message saying that if they rep their allies, they will get criminal flag, but if they use combat drones on the suspect primary target, then suddenly they can start repping allies again without being flagged criminal.

Logi is in the same group or is it neutral logi?

in same fleet