Version 21.03 - Known Issues

Filed the ticket in game, but adding another small detail here because cannot access the original ticket. The number of channels in the edencom channel menu continues to increase (e.g. multiple corp channels) when you repeated log off and select the same character from the login screen.

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Same fleet doesn’t matter. They need to be at war with your opponents, otherwise suspect flag prevents “neutral” logi. That has been introduced to combat neutral logis helping war parties.

Next Photon problem: Guest filters do not filter out characters that docked in a structure/station after you entered the filter value. It just starts listing all newly docked chars as if there is no filter.

Audio still not working even after uninstal and install again

All were in same militia. we were all in minmatar militia.

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Cannot join channel bug.

This is a pretty huge screwup in its own right. Tickets aren’t accessible, so if they need to request more info, they can’t, and even if they could, there’s no way to add it to the existing ticket…

And still haven’t fixed the ongoing problem of photon not being ready for launch yet and still misising the opt out, but that’s not surprising. Plenty of known issues which have been kown since photon was first implemented and still aren’t fixed.

Filters appear to be missing from the inventory window.

Edit: I closed the Inventory window and re-opened it and now the filters list is showing again.

When you look at a corporation’s show info, in the allowed enlistments bit it does not show their allowed militias, but yours.

Also bug reported, cannot give you the EBR bc that parh of the website is disabled and I didn’t write it down. (The new ingame bug report thingy is quite handy.)

I cant open my character sheet

Just joined a fleet after DT and there is a minutes long delay before the fleet chat appears. Local chat does not update on system change either. Great new patch, CCP. This new distributed server approach really makes EVE a great experience. :slight_smile:

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In the Caldari side of the event, there is an incorrect objective in the Stellar Transmuter Development segment of the event.

The hand-in objective is for the Mutadaptive Construction Components, not the datacores, meaning we get no progress for turning in data.

Hey, thank you CCP for wasting even more space with Photon. Now even the Hacking Grid window has a useless icon that serves no purpose other than wasting space. Photon really gets better and better with every new release.


Patch Notes For 2023-03-15.1

Defect Fixes

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the drone window could only launch one drone at a time.

Yes, launch drone (5) now launches them all, but, why is it not simply, “launch drones” like before, and why is looking for them on the market at the top?

Please put launch Drones back at the top.



That has been around for a while.

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That does not help at all. I have set this option to compact a long time ago, and it made the windows look as shown in the Old pictures. Now they look like the New pictures. Any more useful advice? :slight_smile:

Not for me. The last time I used the filter, it properly hid all people, even newly docked people, if they did not meet the filter value. Granted, the last time I used the Guest filter, it was in the old UI. So, yeah, Photon issue.

Inventory box keeps dropping and then can’t be opened up again until I quit the game and restart

I’m posting this again.

There seems to be a problem when starting another character after logging out, it starts the chat that the previous character had open.

It has been almost a month since I first reported this contract UI bug:

Today , it’s still there !

How much is it going to take for you at CCP to fix this simple issue ?