Veteran player looking to get back into 0.0

I was in IRC, then ED back in 2005-2007 living in drone space. I’d like to get back into 0.0. I’ve got 117 million SP’s and I can fly almost anything, specializing in Caldari ships though I can fly all race’s battleships. I can fly Caladari carriers and dreadnoughts as well. I don’t have good memories of Goonswarm.

I am in the US Eastern Time Zone.

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Hey Cat! We could be the Corp for you! Drop by

I’ve sent you a mail in-game.

Well, if you’re looking to blow up Goons, we may be what you’re looking for; more details available in our recruitment post. Best of luck in your search.

you are interested into pvp aspect Imperium Technologies would be a good fit for you. We are pvp focus with a pvp srp 100%. We have 19 years of experience living in null and we welcome all member and return member.

Feel free to msg me for any more info

Discord : ArchMage#9082

Howdy, and welcome back! Im from Celestial Cartel. We are a PVP oriented corporation, and as it stands we are aligned against goons. We are based out of Immensea and have about as much content as we could ask for. :smile: We have a robust SRP program to finance PVP stuffs, and have good infrastructure to make isk on top of that. If any of this sounds interesting or if you have any questions, feel free to reach out or check our forum post!

Cat Gilligan, Welcome back, we don’t like Goons much either. Sent you an in game mail.

Come check us out mate , we may have space for you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey, if you still haven’t found a place to crash stop by our Discord for a chat.

Industrial mining and mayhem ( part of Initiative ) - Industrial Mining and Mayhem

If you want a place in 0.0 that’s content rich and isk bountiful and filled with absolutely toxic free and hilarious community to come hang out in coms then I highly suggest checking out Agartha Forgeries (DISCORD).

I’m not going to waste your time listing crap about us here that your able to read on our forum post, but I will give you the honest truth; you would fit in perfectly with us.

Hey there Cat

Our members are active in both EU and US time zones, consisting of experienced players from all over the world with veteran corp leadership active in EVE since 2009 who understand that real life comes first. We treat our corporation as a family and don’t permit childish drama or toxicity.

Please join the “No.Mercy Pub” channel in game and speak to our recruiters today!

We Offer

  • Aggressive nullsec and lowsec PVP content creation
  • A reason to log in: we set goals for ourselves and pursue them ruthlessly
  • Refine your combat and FC skills as you take on new roles and learn from each other
  • Numerous R64s to mine for income and a region of nullsec space to exploit
  • Community Teamspeak 3, Discord, and custom Web services
  • Jump Freighter service and logistical support


  • Active players committed to helping the corp and alliance succeed
  • Experienced pilots with an established PVP record on zkillboard
  • 2 or more PVP focused accounts, with capital capable alts preferred
  • English is our official language and you must own a working microphone

Chat with us in our public channel in game: No.Mercy Pub

CEO: Garst Tyrell

Recruiters: Garst Tyrell, Lutar Torax , LTD Spacepig

Hi @Cat_Gilligan

Are you still looking for a corp?

I am CEO of The Dark Vanguard, a mainly PVP focussed null sec corp and part of Sigma Grindset. We live in Catch and generally look for fun fights with our neighbors, but we also do some industry (specilising in drugs and structre manufacture).

Killboard: The Dark Vanguard | Corporation | zKillboard

Join our Discord for more info


Check these guys out. Think they are what you are looking for.

Sent you ingame mail

nullsec sounds like where your needed brother; active pvp, moon ore and CTA/home defense/ strat ops

We are a small corp out in scalding pass under the Valkyrie alliance. We mainly do industry with pvp on the side. Being in the alliance gives us access to moon mining/ratting space/industry structures. Fleets can range from massive all hands on deck to chill small gang roams.

We tend to do some small gang roams ourselves on weekends or when we get bored. Our primary TZ is currently around 1800-0000 depending on everyone’s work schedules.

You are very much “free” to do your own thing out here. Only requirement is to assist with CTA pings if you are able. Real life comes first always so no one will yell at you for missing one.REPZ

Hey Cat, welcome back to EvE. Please consider Imperium Technologies. We have lots of small gang fights and plenty of opportinities for growth. We are one of the oldest active corps in the game and have a lot of experience.

Come check us out. We might fit what you are looking for.

Cat Gilligan, any luck on finding something? We sent an in game mail and would welcome you to our group, hope to hear back from you.