Vexor Navy Fits?

Hello! I’ve come across 7 VNI hulls and I was wondering if some folks could share some fits? My plan is to play by myself as usual and run some lower end pve sites but the goal is to draw out some fights while roaming around lowsec and maybe even null.

My other idea is to just dump them on the market. :smile:


Try this one:

The idea is to keep moving and stay at range so you don’t take much damage.

Use t2 drones if you can. Needs to be cap stable otherwise you’ll slow down. If you can remove any of the cap mods and stay stable, you should do so and maybe add a drone nav module instead.


Oh, and don’t get webbed by frigates. Stay away from them and kill them first.

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Research you must to do my young Paddawan.

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