Vexor Navy Issue price goes up

Does anyone know why the price and volume sold of Vexor Navy Issue continue to go up despite a nerf in drone max velocity? This is really counter intuitive to me

Could be wrong but … Increased losses by a lot, look how many got popped just today and the day isn’t over yet.

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Wow, you are right. 7 page long loss mails today. I am still very new. Can’t players add a drone navigation computer to compensate the loss of drone velocity? Why does VNI get killed more easily all the sudden?

If VNI is more vulnerable than before, why people are still buying them to do missions? Does this mean VNI is still very good at ratting after the nerf?

It’s still good, just not as good. So losses go up, but since it’s still good people do keep replacing them.

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The AFK ratting / botting fit is shield fit. IMHO its the most shitty fit in the game optimized solely for minimizing ISK loss upon ship getting blown up. In this set up all your mids are taken up by tank, so no tracking links or nav comps.

VNI is actually a really nice cruiser if you fit it active armor and play it actively. I am sad that it has been taken over by all these bots and other sort of shits.

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for L3 missions you don’t need much, almost any T1 cruiser with some T2 modules will do. It is the most used by AFkers and bots. Also, when you look at the loss list, these are all nullsec bots / AFKers. these are not mission runners.

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Because bots die alot and need many new vni

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I always tend to fit active armor tank because it has more low slots.

I Didn’t know some people / bots can rat VNI AFK in shield fit. This is kind of messed up

Gallente dropped down to tier 1 in FW so that lowers future supplies of VNIs. This results in rising prices which cause people to panic buy before prices go up more, and rising prices also incentivise players holding gallente LP to cash in, so that should all increase volume.

Could also have something to do with the nerf, some people might not like their VNI anymore so they sell it, others might want to buy a new one to try a new build. Someone mentioned fitting drone nav comps, it’s much easier to fit those on an armor fit so they might have an old shield fit but want to try the armor fit and don’t want to destroy the rigs on the other fit.


On top of losing drone speed bonus it also got a nerf to base signature radius (from 135 to 145), making 100mn ab shield buffer tank way harder to AFK.

Edit: Looking at the market graph - same thing happened year ago so it might just be seasonal price fluctuation.

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You all should buy a VNI or two now before the price gets crazy.


Act fast.

Call now.

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