[VI.TA] Become A Wormhole Savage: C4 Corp Recruiting - Join Violence Is The Answer Today!

VI.TA is recruiting for both US and EU TZ. Come see who and what we are in space!

WHSOC Executive Council

Have you ever asked yourself while tolling the ‘sweat and blood’ of your EVE Corp…god why do this day in and day out? (ie…Recruiting, management, teaching, and if you have time…make a little ISK on the side…)

I have a simple answer…don’t do it. Chances are, you love the baby you created but by the end of the day you’re ‘Burnt’ out of the game we HATE to LOVE.

If you get a chance, take a closer look at who and what we are in space. Most if not all your headaches of running your own Corp will disappear. All you have to do is join our little WH Corp VI.TA !!!

Why you may ask… CONTENT, CONTENT, and more CONTENT. Internal Structure where almost everyone enjoys their EVE gaming experience.

Does that not sound appealing? Make the move and join us, you will not regret it…EVEr!


Looking for more players. As we grow and add more, it expands the CONTENT we bring to everyone we encounter in game.

Come be a part of something more…


Come one, come all. We are always looking for those players that are looking for something more from their game play. Take a closer look at who and what we are in space…

Our Discord Channel


Joined this corp few days ago, best corp ever! Very helpful and nice people! Come and join us right away!