[Video] Solo FW Try Hard - Alpha Clone Tristan PVP

New to PVP after doing 3 months of PVE in Highsec 9 years ago. Looking to improve. Alpha clone, no implant, no booster, no manual piloting :(. Sorry for lack of video editing skills.

Fights with my critique :

0:00 Kite Tristan vs Blaster Daredevil

I should overheat point more liberally so I can focus on piloting.

2:21 Rail Tristan vs Kite Condor

I should approach target, over repair a little bit.

2:51 Rail Tristan vs 200mm Auto Rifter

I should orbit at 500.

4:02 Neut Tristan vs Pulse Executioner, 200mm Auto Rifter, Kite Tristan

Approaching Rifter too early, No cap booster in cargo, #PANIC, returning drones before the end.

6:49 Neut Tristan vs Blaster Incursus

Overall, I should watch dscan and local more during a fight. #tunnelvision

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