Not sure if this is the right place, but hopefully someone can help.

I have created a video using OBS and then used Audacity to do an audio track, Ive merged the 2 together and uploaded to youtube, however the video is very blurry and not fit foe viewing. As far as I am am aware I am using default settings.

How can I get the video to be clear?

Technically it should resolve itself over time.

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Yeah, the video will say that it’s finished processing as soon as it has finished processing it at the lowest resolution. If you try watching it right away, it will only be available at that resolution. Other resolutions (up to the original resolution of the video) will become available over the next hour or so. This is one of the reasons I like to schedule my videos for a few hours after uploading (the other reason is to make sure the algorithm doesn’t demonetize me).

Yes, this is what seems to have happened, video is much clearer now. Thanks.

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