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Since there is no Thread in the proper feedback Forum, let’s make this the place

I think putting this new very cool feature behind a very weird Evermark system is a big mistake.

They showed a 30day License for a Raitaru for 100k EM. Maybe bigger stations are more expensive.

An OMEGA Character that grinds those missions every day can make at least
(30x daily reward 2500EM = 75.000 EM)
An ALPHA Character can only make 10% of that.


  • Holding corporations exist that can not create Evermarks to make their stations look better
  • Many people don’t care about evermarks, because the missions are just annoying.
  • After aquiring emblems for the fav ships, there is no value for a corporation member to generate Evermarks, so why would they bother?

My Corporation with 5 active members has generated 344k Evermarks since the feature came out.
Which is ~57k per month.
I joined an alliance mining fleet, and I was the only one rocking the Alliance and Corp Logo. 30 other mining ships and none of them had a logo even tho they mine every day in those ships.

What I want to say is that it will most likely take 20 active members to pay for those licenses for ONE Astra because 50% of them will not do those missions at all and some will do one every few days or be alpha characters. If you scale that up and you have 100 active members you can maybe have 5 custom Astras if they are not in a holding corp…

I like the feature but the execution is beyond bad. This needs to change before it releases or the feature will maybe benefit and affect 0,1% of players and 0,01% of structures.

How to fix it in my opinion:

  • Make Licenses permanent
  • If not, make Licenses cheaper by a factor of 5 or 10
  • Make Licenses tradeable for ISK
  • Make Evermarks tradeable
  • Sell them for something but not Evermarks (Even exchanging them for Carbon would make more sense)
  • Hire people who know what they are doing

The whole idea of 30days skin for 100k Evermarks just tells me that whoever developed this is far detached from reality even if it’s not a final value -.-
What is a Keepstar? 1Mil EM? 200 people exchanging Herons for Evermarks every day? 200 people hating their life decisions and quitting the game over such a bad experience?

The customization feature is awesome but everything else around it seems like a bad nightmare.


Perhaps it’s not content for you, not everything needs to be about you, have you considered that radical concept?

Perhaps it’s an encouragement to get more active people or be more invested yourself. PERHAPS it’s an incentive for larger groups, who can easily do this, to be more invested and have something funny/dumb/cool/hilarious.

I chuckled at this concept lol. But hay if you own a citidel good on you! I used to own a solo Azbel back then. Sold it for an awesome profit before I retired from EVE for some months.

Citadel skins really just seem silly to me. I am just 1 voice anyways. :man_shrugging:

The number one reason would be to at least make EverMarks some sort of a currency - currencies should be tradeable and exchangeable. If not then they aren’t currencies and not part of any market (let alone player driven market). Saying that they are a currency doesn’t make them a currency.

The number two reason: alliance branding. EverMarks as a currency should be transferable from a corporate and an individual level.

Three: e.g., I wouldn’t mind tossing in a few hours worth of contribution to paint Brisc’s or Shines’ pleasure dome to celebrate their birthday for the day, but we actually don’t share the same corp…

I appreciate the technical challenge to introduce structure skins - and some of the showcased skins really did look cool during the livestream - but the “economic” aspect of it is not even in an embryonic stage yet. It’s nothing but a mineral sink at this moment, reason why you see almost no ship branding with alli/corp logos currently.

But since you don’t have polka dot options nor cat ears, I’m going back to mining for profit instead of fun, lol.


Couldn’t agree more. While I think it is a good thing that they use EverMarks instead of PLEX or other RL-cash-derived currency to get these skins, the prices for them are ridiculous considering their temporary nature. The implication here is that CCP wants to get rid of ship explosions eventually and only remove built ships via the Paragon system. May sound exaggerated but based on the sheer amount of EM that you need and how many ships you need to waste into Paragon, there’s no other conclusion.

Yet again, CCP is about to waste a potentially good feature with terrible shortsightedness and terrible implementation. However, since CCP has abandoned the forum as feedback platform, this valuable feedback will go unnoticed.


That’s why we have the CSM. And they monitor these forums attentively to give CCP player feedback. At least that’s the best chance we have of the feedback actually going to the right devs and decision makers :slight_smile:


I get your joke. However, if that was remotely true, they would not delist the forum as feedback platform and only link to discord, as the forum is much easier to monitor and check.

I wouldn’t read too much into that one devblog, it may have been a regrettable oversight. In any case, the CSM does monitor the forums (ask the person who I won’t bother again with this type of nonsense, he’s almost done with his current stint and deserves some R&R and prepare for his next show). Does that guarantee a response from ccp ? Nope, and more often than not, not even a communication.


It’s at least the second blog in a row where they omitted the forum as feedback platform, didn’t even mention it at all.

But we’ll if and how CCP responds to feedback in order to prevent the crippling of yet another new system from the start. It would be regrettable if they would not release an improved version from the start to avoid negative sentiments.

Not permanent = pointless

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Why would they listen to the forums? It’s full of raging, irrationally angry, lazy, self serving narcissists.

You sound like my therapists.

Lot of those on here too

Oh wait thats one word

First, don’t leave it at structures, but allow an alliance or corporation to setup a color scheme to be used by default on all its member ships too.

Sure, allow me to choose my own skin on a per-ship basis like I can do now, but default me to my team’s colors, and automatically reskin my ship to those colors when I join a fleet.

Leaving it to individuals and walling it behind grind will get tedious and lead to people ignoring it. There hasn’t been talk about Evermarks in my organisation in recent months: nobody cares.

I’m looking forward to a future with clearly identifiable structures and player ships in fleet fights where I can tell friend from foe, even while zoomed into the brawl.

So this expansion is about putting skins on your structures? I tried to figure out what was going on but I needed to install excel, no joke.

I’m absolutely sure both :psyccp: and :psycsm: are very thoroughly monitor these forums and give deep consideration to every single suggestion.

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