Viron Recon Group - (Exploration - New Player Friendly)

Viron Recon Group is a newly established corporation that primarily entertains PvE activities surrounding exploration.

We wobble on into wormholes and anywhere they might take us in search of ISK to blow on buying stuff we want and burn in the weekends on some ops we set up.

All the while sharpening our skills and experience into ever pointier tips to stick’em with during skirmishes we might encounter.

We are new player friendly. To help streamline our development we have extensive experience to draw from if required.

If you have any questions be PM me ingame and I’ll answer them asap.

Fly safe

I’m happy we got some responses and more are welcome.

We also got the voice comms and all set up. Communication is key when cooperating.

And the recruiting continues. Time well invested.

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