Vitri's First NPSI Fleet - "Rust Shaker"

All Info Below is in Eve Time:

Official Fleet Name: Rust Shaker
Date: July 15
Time: 0100
Length: 2 Hour max (will kill each other in a glorious brawl if not dead yet)
Formup: Dital (start forming at 00:30 for bored pilots)
Ship Types: Kitchen sink T1 Frigs (ranged mwd - shield/armor is fine)
Frig Logi (shield or armor)
Pirate / Faction Frigs
Ingame Channel: Vitri Pub
FC: Radjick DragonRider (Formerly Kasken for anyone who knew me two+ years ago)
Your KB Is terrible, why would I do this: Cant argue #1 atm, fly a T1 frig you dont care if you will lose, I can promise to get you killed one way or another. I used to be a decent FC though, so this is to shake some of that rust off
Have any experience: FCed for years, been a while, there’s new ships, I’ll prob screw up, should be fun though - will try to make it entertaining


Friendly reminder - this is coming up soon!

This is coming up really soon!

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