Vocals only for Birth of Capsuleer trailer?

Hello! o7
I want to make a track using the vocals from the Birth of the Capsuleer trailer, but its not possible to seperate the background audio fron the vocals. Is there a source that has just the vocals for it?

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Don’t think you’ll get an answer to that question here, maybe try this sub-form:

If no answer there, might try asking CCP directly in a support ticket.

Why is it not possible? I’d ask in a forum for audio guys instead. Elektronic music.
They can probably help you ripping out the right frequency ranges.

I tried making a support ticket before i came to the forums, there was no option for questions.
And also, I’m not developing anything XD

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Been there, done that. Because the background music and sfx encompass the entire spectrum (nearly), it would be extremely hard to get just the audio out.

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