🕸 VoidFury a new wh corp in C3

Hello fellow capsuleers!!!

We are inviting you to come join us in our wormhole endear! We’ve been growing steadily and would like to continue to do so and can’t continue to do so without your help. Come join us and carve out your space within the corp and makes some isk and some good friends along the way. We hope to see you in-game soon and we look forward to talking with you.

We search capsulers who want to live in WH to do mining, PI and industries, and some pve.

Don’t hesitate to come talk to us !

Still recruiting pilots that want to try their luck with the wormhole life!
Drop in and see if our corp is something for you :smiley:

recruitment still open / recrutement toujours ouvert :slight_smile:

Who do i message in game US/TZ

You can message me

recruitment still open / recrutement toujours ouvert :slight_smile:

recruitment still open / recrutement toujours ouvert :+1:

Le recrutement est toujours ouvert! recrutement still open !
Pour tout joueur omega intéresser par le wormhole ^^ For every omega player interested in wormhole space :slight_smile:


Still open for new people come and say hi, we don’t bite :smiley:

hey all you current and future WHs,

Voidfury is still in the stages of open recruitment and we are seeing steady growth in our numbers and strength thanks to all who have responded to the call of these recruitment ads and we’d like to keep this trend running. Come talk to us in game and we’ll get you on the right path to your next extremely rewarding endeavor in EVE!!!

recruitment still open / recrutement toujours ouvert

The recrutement is still open :slight_smile: \ Le recrutement est toujours ouvert :slight_smile:


recruitment still open / recrutement toujours ouvert :slight_smile:

Recruitement still open! :slight_smile: :parrot:

Great group of guys and a ton of fun living in the worm hole!

All types of EVE gameplay are possible in a worm hole and I highly recommend it.

Surprise surprise, we’re still recruiting! I joined up six months ago and have not regretted it, made a bunch of ISK from manufacturing and site running. Message one of us in-game if you have any questions!

Recruitement still open! :slight_smile:

We are still recruiting ^^

What are the statics for your C3?