🕸 VoidFury a new wh corp in C3

VoidFury is a newly formed independant corporation in wormhole space focused on developing industry, pve and pvp capabilities.
We have a place for all kinds of pilots, new, old and returning.

We also offer well defended planets and stations for all of your PI and construction needs, If you’re looking for a home that won’t lock you into any specific activity or demand some sort of monthly fee from you, or to fly with pilots who find most aspects of the game interesting rather than specialising in just one field, perhaps it’s worth at least coming for a chat with us before making a final decision.

We have fleet every weeks, for all kind of events. ^^

We are a fun team :parrotbeer: , come to talk to us :smiley:

Time zone’s include AU,UK,EU,US

Language : English / Français

To talk to us,
In game channel : VoidFury
Discord : The Void Fury ( no perma link )

recruitment still open / recrutement toujours ouvert :slight_smile: :parrot:

I joined up with these guys not too long ago and I must say it was a really good decision and I greatly enjoy being around these guys 10/10 would join again : )

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We are still recruting :slight_smile: :parrotbeer: / nous recrutons encore! :slight_smile:

We are still open for new recruits hit us up :smiley:

@Keid_Frost @Rainer_Akira Guya, do you have a discord link please? Tnx :slight_smile:

Hello :slight_smile: sure let’s talk in eve, discord link dont last long :stuck_out_tongue:

Just wanted to let people know that we are still recruiting and that we are getting things done in this WH and we are inviting you to come join in. This is a great place with great people and everything you ever wanted to get things going in a new home. We’ve already put in a lot of work building up the infrastructure needed for a successful WH corp we just need the people with the drive to fulfill those roles!!!

Hello, do you accept pure Alpha member? I would love to join and learn how to live in WH.

C3 are too hard for alphas =\ sorry it need minimum 5mil sp or more.

Void Jury is still recruiting.
Corpo english / française

Don’t hesitate to contact me on eve, or on the channel VoidFury

VoidFury still recruting :stuck_out_tongue:

On recrute toujours :slight_smile:

We are a active and do 3 events each weeks :parrotmustache:
o n est très actif et on fait 3 évènements par semaines ^^

What statics are in your C3? I can help haul stuff once in HiSec but would have trouble getting there.

(cut and pasted from a different recruitment thread)

I enjoy the game enough to actually PAY for it. Like, with money. This frees me from the need to focus everything on every single ISK. I can actually play for fun. Novel concept, I know. I am coming back from a hiatus (for the third time, damn game won’t let me forget).

I’m an industrial pilot focused on PvP… Player vs Planet. I shot down a capsuleer once. Didn’t like it. So yeah, only one kill on my board.

My main is a 27M skill pilot and I have a purely PI alt who are looking for a slightly more exciting home. Since I don’t mind spending fifty cents a day, I COULD continue playing in HS and just goober around, but I would rather be a part of something bigger. I’ve done LowSec, NullSec and Wormholes, and I definitely prefer the latter.

From me, you will get a mature, mentally stable person who has experience, albeit long ago, with WH life, and will actively scan and mark sites as necessary. I will create whatever type of whatever tier of PI junk you need, sell cheap or even donate a chunk of it to the corp. I will mine ore and gas sites, and leave the gods for whomever uses them. I will probably put up a POS once I have established myself as trustworthy, just to have a place to call home.

Sound like a fit?

We have ls static. Join the my recrutement channel or write me in game :slight_smile:

Let me know when u can chat ill hope on. thanks

sure we can talk, join the channel VoidFury or VoidFury-Public in game to talk more :slight_smile: sorry my slow answer, I dont check the post everyday

Just wanted to put the word out that we are still recruiting and that we are making tons of progress and have new openings for people to come in and make a name for them selves. Voidfury has experienced consistent growth and looking to keep that train going. Come talk to us in game and we’d be happy to help you out with anything and everything. Look forward to see you out there!!

We still recruiting, very nice people even if some of them speak french :smiley:

We still ask for new capsulers who want an active corpo on WH with a lot of events, mainly mining and pve.

And we get easy money with PI.

We looking for active people with a minium of 6 mil sp. We run around 3 ops everyweeks. Anyone looking for the fun of wormhole and need a group that actualy do something? Come talk to us ^^ :sunglasses:

We are still recruting :parrotmustache: