VOIDRUNNER REPUBLIC are seeking all-at-sea rookies or grizzled old salts to make the stuff others blow up

Adventure, Fellowship & Fun.

Voidrunner Republic are burgeoning industrial orientated Hi-Sec based outfit with a nod towards a bit of everything else on the side.

We’re currently seeking newbro all-at-sea rookies just starting their adventures in New Eden, or long returning industrial capsuleers who’re looking for a fresh start and an opportunity to use their talents to indulge in our ridiculously grandiose goals. All time zones accepted. English language.

Above all, pilots with a mature attitude, open-mindedness, enthusiasm, civility and a sense of humour are sought. Grizzled old PvP blowhards and braggarts need not apply.

We currently have Voiders from the UK, EU, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

If we’ve caught your eye, we encourage you to have a look at our external website to learn more about how we operate and what we can offer: VOIDRUNNER REPUBLIC

If you like what you see there and want to have a wee chat with us, join our


channel in-game, alternatively our DISCORD server to hear funny accents.

o7 Fly Safe Capsuleer o7

Voidrunner Republic Ethos & Goals :wink:

Voidrunner Republic Member services :partying_face:

Our corp structure and roles :vulcan_salute:

Voidrunner Republic FAQs :ok_hand:

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