Wanderers of New Eden Null-sec High-sec Pvp Pve industrial Ore

If you are looking for a new player friendly corporation, we are the answer. We can train you to be prepared for the harshness of space. If you want to learn to mine, run missions or fight in player versus player combat, we can get you ready. If you want to go into Low sec. or Null space, our corp. members will prepare you.
We have a voice channel so that you can communicate with other members.

We offer fun for both experienced and new pilots alike.
All pilots are welcome regardless of skill points or experience.

What we need are honest, fearless pilots with a willingness to learn, work together and be part of our corporation and alliance.

Be sure to watch the video ! Wanderers Of New Eden

What we need from you.

  • We require a partial api.
  • Be active and join in where possible.
  • TeamSpeak is mandatory.
  • Fly NRDS (Not Red Don’t Shoot)
  • But most of all, have fun!

Contact any of our recruiters if you are interested or join our chat WNDR.

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