Volgograd Industrial [VI---] - Alpha friendly corporation

Quick Corp Description

  • Corporation type: Alpha-Friendly, Rookie-Friendly.
  • Minimum SP points: 0.
  • Location: Highsec. Caldari Space (Not definitive).
  • Languages: English.
  • War eligible: No.
  • Timezone: EUTZ.
  • Contacts: Discord, “Coalition Recruitment [SCRA]” In-Game-Chat

Good day, and welcome to the Volgograd Industrial Recruitment page.

Who we are and what we want to create

  • We’re a group of alpha players interested in creating a rookie-friendly corporation with the purpose to help and promote alpha players without istantly worrying on buying Omega status. We are aware about alpha limitation (max 20 characters in a corp) and we want literally start to zero to be able to play the full alpha experience not only to grow togheter but also to become self-sufficient, with also future plan of enlarging the corp and try the omega experience.

What we want to offer

  • Our Corporation we want to realize will have to be a chill place for alpha newcomers that are allowed to explore ALL THE GAME CONTENT you can try. We’re planning also different fleet sessions where we can have funny moments about any kind of activity we can do. In case of base anchoring (Moon mining or FOBs to improve your activities) we will use another corp to make you secure from war declarations but we expect you will be ready to fight in case of a call to arms (Don’t worry! Timing and RL problems are justified).

What are the requirements

  • As mentioned above, Since this is a rookie-alpha-friendly corp, we don’t ask for anything if not the motivation and determination to learn patiently the game as we’re doing it too. Whatever you want to be in this game, a fighter, a miner, a trader, a manager… we want you! More we are, more experience can be shared to grow.

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We have still +10 free seats for our alpha corporation (Max 20)

If you are an alpha clone then this is the right corp for you. Come and join us.

We’re 9. 11 Seats available.

Thanks for the 1 PLEX = Omega occasion, our leader managed to gain new seats for new potential recruits who could believe at this project!


We’ve reached 10 members! Remember, 290 seats are still available!

We announce with pleasure that we joined into an alliance. While they will help us to fulfill our goals, these ones won’t change and there aren’t any big changes about our mission and vision.

We have 2 offices, 1 is near Jita and 1 is near Dodixie.

We’re trying to form some week standing fleet to do something togheter and improve our corporations.

With the Homefronts update and reworks, alpha rookies have great opportunities to make a lot of isk without too complex and skillful fits! Come join us and help other players to introduce the game!

There are still free seats for newcomers!

We’re making a lot of isk! We’re going to create assets for newcomers and Homefront Operations!

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