Vote Baldwin Ellecon for CSM 13

I have been playing Eve online for about 12 years now. this is my second character remap. I have seen many changes in the game since I have been playing. If I am elected to the council I promise to keep the game evolving even more. The honor of being able to serve would be to the highest diplomacy. I would take the council and the players wishes in to thought with every decision that i was faced with. I hope to see you on the battle field. God speed to each and all

You do know the next CSM is 14,right?..

OP isn’t authentic.

Empty blabla.

Even more empty blabla.

And no one would care, because CCP makes the decisions and you can - at best - provide additional thoughts.

People who want to be elected, who refer to God in any way or form, are unfit for any politicial position.

Which blob do you serve