Wacky deployable weapons module idea

fleet fights can sometimes get chaotic and confusing and one sided from a visual and game mechanics perspective. I think there is room for improvement for target calling in fleet fights, room for efficiency, which might make the game slightly more user friendly and at the same time improve your odds on the battlefield, as well as make fleet fights shorter timewise and less laggy.

a new type of deployable “weapons module” that “target paints” a set of enemy ships which the FC or alternatively every squad leader in your fleet can drop as a way to mark the enemy ships that you want to take down and in which order to take them down (instead of the current method of marking the ships you want to take down on a much to crowded overview) you would only need to lock on to the deployable which the FC has assigned to you. The reason why the FC has to assign a deployable to you is partly because if you have short range ships in your fleet then the FC might want to utilize their short range by telling them to lock on to the deployable named “x” and that way the FC has a slightly higher degree of control over the battlefield and his troops. One of the potential pro’s of the deployable is you can more efficiently kill and get rid of those lag inducive drones on the battlefield. Another potential benefit is the FC can delegate more effectively to squad leaders, for example if one of the squads in your fleet is short range blaster ships only then the squad leader might assign different set of targets for his squad depending on the situation (if its a long fight this might come in handy).

it might also make fleet fights visually more appealing and user friendly, but i’ll leave that part to your imagination.

Trying to figure out how MORE junk on Grid will make things LESS laggy?

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You can sort your overview by tags and broadcast targets will automatically go to the top.

It’s incredibly easy to use once you know what you’re doing.

Putting this sort of functionality on a deployable is just ridiculous as a concept. Also the idea that anyone would ever waste time by broadcasting drones is equally ridiculous. You either smartbomb them or tell people to shoot them at will if that’s their job.

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only fleet mates would see the visual effects of the deployable (also the enemy fleet will know that they have been marked too, its the equivalent of finding out somebody has locked on to you basically)

“target painted” targets can also appear on overview, they would automatically highlight the ships both in space and on the overview for your convenience

potential variants of the deployable…
FC’s could have a special one so he can give visual cues that only the squad leaders can see around the battlefield. another variant could be used for competitive purpose where both teams bring a deployable with them, and once both are deployed after a certain time after deployment you are given a green light to attack eachother without legal repercussions and you can even mark the people in the enemy fleet that you want to invite to participate and you can ignore the ones you think would be unfair to include into the competitive fight.

So, tags and broadcast targets…

Seriously this is already in the game, you just need to learn how to use it.

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