WalletWarriors. - New Bro Friendly Null Sec Start-Up!

WalletWarriors. is a new corporation focused on null sec content.
Interested in moon mining, ratting, pvp or sov war?
WalletWarriors. is the best place to be in!
We are part oF BlackRose. alliance.
A great community with lots of friendly players.

Things that we offer:

  • A environment for learning and playing.
  • Assit in skill planning and ship fitting.
  • Moon mining.
  • A place for Reactions.
  • Null sec ratting.
  • A discord channel (corp) and TS3 (ally/corp).
  • EUTZ and USTZ operations.
  • A lot of fun!

Our expectations:

  • Be part of the corp and our alliance
  • TS3 & Discord
  • English and/or Polish speaker


  • Lirs Corum (PL/EN) EUTZ / early USTZ
  • Tromus Frejlord (PL/EN) EUTZ / early USTZ

We want You to fight for BlackRose!

Rekrutacja również w języku polskim :slight_smile:

bump :slight_smile:

102 views on first day is a good number :slight_smile:
But where are those applications pilots?


A będzie SRP? :smiley:

Yes it is :slight_smile:

bump for WW

BUMP for free beer

Still here for some fresh blood :slight_smile:


bump :slight_smile:

still here!

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