Want big Happy Ticks? Join Astrum Diligentia member of Tick Happy

Hello there and congratulations on clicking the post that’ll change your Eve life.
No this is not your regular new old fashioned recruiting post.
There could be a sum up of what we offer and what we require but hell everyone is doing that so why continue down that dark alley?

Mainly because I believe we actually offer the same thing as any regular alliance…
But with more fun, fun, fun alot of cool dudes, a reason to log into eve and a mainly EU focus.
And a nullhome that’s quite fun to live in/from (Tribute WTF).
Sure our killboard looks like a Christmas tree but hey… have you seen wat time it is?
Oh yea almost Christmas again so if you want to be on the good side of Santa… :wink:
But we are learning and turning even the lowliest of FC’s into a big powerhouse and for that we can use some more help.

Need help starting to make isk?
do you just want to find more friendly people like yourself to have fun with?
Are you baffled by the grandeur that is Eve? (we are sometimes 2 though)
You don’t know where you belong among the stars?
PVE/PVP what, who, where, Can I, I mean…???
Logi/DPS/Tackle/Scouts/Blops wats all these?
Do you have a great sense of humor? (if you answered no plz do join discord as even someone with no humor can turn out to be the best comedian :wink: )
You don’t give a **** about the blue donut?

If you answered yes at least 1 time on the questions above come and say hi to us.
You won’t regret it :wink:

You can also always PM me or Jacob Fretwell in game and we will answer asap.

Daily bump
Daily bump
Daily bump
Daaaily bump

Recruitment still open
Come and meet ur new friends

Still looking for the next big thing?
Come give us a try :wink:

Still recruiting
Come and have some fun

Recruitment still open.
Come and talk to ur new friends :wink:

Recruitment still open
Come n get it while its hot :fire::joy:

Recruitment still open come and join for some happy frags

More content has been enabled
Do you want to know more?

Still looking for new members

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