Want to advance faster then ever before


We Dont Super Nazi< very easy going and allow peeps to have fun and contribute at the same time.

We are seeking Eve players everywhere to come join us at Secret Mining corp/Alt for The Needs Of The Few. Bonuses from this corporation are unlike anything you can find anywhere else. we are small but growing at a very rapid rate with many stations in both Highsec space and low. please take a minute to see below for some examples of bonuses. Free Ships and Skills, 0.5 Moon Drilling, Planetary Infrastructure, Industry, Worm Hole Gas mining and Sites. We are expanding our operations to 0.4 with Capital Ships.


  • 50 million sign on bonus <More SP = More ISK max 200 Million.
  • 500 million after 60 days active playing and successfully contributing.
  • Your own station to use and maintain location of your choice.
  • Ships-- all the way to capital ships/dreads with time served.
  • billions in Inventory to fit your ships for PVP or Mining T1 and T2.
  • Custom Bonuses to fit your needs.
  • much much more!

Contact in game for more information : SkittlesShittingUnicorn

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