Want to buy (WTB) regional trading speadsheet

Hi fello space nerds.

I’m looking for someone serious about making some dank isk. I’m willing to pay the darkest of isk for a regional trading speadsheet that will allow me the following:

  1. To spot profitable items to trade inter region (i.e. region and station buy to region and station sell with volumes).
  2. Allow me to find trades based on range (i.e. filter for 1 jump, 2jumps, 3jumps, 5jumps, 10jumps and/or solar system and/or region).
  3. Allows me to filter for profit margens and diferenc between buy and sell.

I know there are many, many sheets out there. And I’m looking for the optimal one. Plz feel free to mail me ingame with a limited access sheet and your asking price.

In game name; Macash

You have a computer…you have internet access…


…I will gratefully accept dark isk now, thanks

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Now just to wait for the isk to roll in:joy:

There is a Marketplace section on forums where all WTS WTB WTT WTA goes to.

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