Want to Hire a hypernet advertiser

I want to hire a hypernet advertiser , it doesnt matter to me what you do until you get the job done, but to do this job you will need to spend about 10 hours sending messages , but since this requires very little attention(even less than mining in highsec) you can do any other eve activity like pvp or pve or indy while advertising. The faster you complete offers the faster i pay you and more isk you earn

Preferably someone who is awake in ustz

mail me ingame , we can discuss rates

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bump , still looking

i am not botting at all , just looking for to hire someone , i know bots spam jita all the time , but i find it unethical , also this doesnt require spamming , you only need to send a message every 30 min or so in some channels and post it in a couple of local once a day or something

i’ll do it, please send the details and 5b in advance

My pleasure, I would prefer to be able to block your hypernet listings from hypernet search to ensure I don’t fund yours.

if you are really interested , pls mail me ingame and we can discuss

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Fly safe o/

ISD Bahamut

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