Want to recruit people to a small gang

hello, I want to form a gang with my friend and try out some simple PVP, and we want to recruit some new players like ourselves.

some recruitment rules:

  1. new player? (veteran players even more welcome)
  2. in time zone +7:00 GMT to + 9:00 GMT
  3. speak English, Latin or Chinese

we will recruit 5 people first.

so if u are still reading, this is what we plan to do:

  1. go to low sec or null sec and fight other people
  2. salvage destroyed ships and sell the stuff we find
  3. fight npc on low sec or combat sites

since I am a very very new player who just finished SOE epic arcs, I will make lots of mistakes, so please dont blame me if u lost your ship flying with us.

if u are a new player and dont know what to do, or a veteran player who is interested, please contact me or Hewi Weng. just send us a mail saying u are willing to join, and a slight detail about yourself. (time zone, and age)

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2 small replies:

  1. Why not also take older characters in. They might be able to help you with tips and tricks. And likely there are some older players who would love to join. If I could, you can count me in.

  2. Maybe also check public fleet like Spectre Fleet, Bombers Bar or Redemption Road (just to name some)


okay, thats one thing I didn’t think of. thanks.

Well, due to EVE EULA, there’s quite few not fulfilling this top requirement :wink:

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okay guess thats unnecessary.

nobody is applying, making a gang is so hard???

I think hardly 1% of the EVE community is on the forums.

Getting a gang together, specially a public one, can be difficult using the forums as a way to find them.

Look up Spectre Fleet in game, they host public roams. Join their channel to:

A. See if you can join on one of their roams.
B. Just ask there if there are players who want to join you on a small roam together.

okay thanks, I will make sure to do that.

this is the Q and A section. Do you think that people who want to form a small gang will read here?
move it to pvp section, or to the corps section if you want to form your own corp
nobody uses the forum to form a fleet
“x up for the fleet if you wanna partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”

Of course, us NCQA regulars can help with this…


Barstorlooooode, can you fleet warp this thread to PvP section?

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I think its moved to the pvp section. I will update the post a bit, people should be aware of this now.

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