Want to sell Exhumer V Pilot 9m SP


Exumer V
Ice harvesting V
Uncommon/Rare/Exceptional - All 4 (T2 Crystals)
Cybernetics V - +5 Set in head

670k unallocated SP

NPC Corp - Positive wallet and Positive Sec.

how much are you looking for it?

Not really sure, throw me an offer

6.5b will buyout immediate

ok let me regroup the isks, I’ll take it, who to send the isk?

Send to this char, /w a mail of account name

Will start transfer in a couple hours from now. I’m away from pc atm

isk will be transfered later on today

Isk has been transfered, eve email sent with the details for the transfer

thank you

Account transfer started

Close the damn thread

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