Want to Trade 2 characters for 1

I quit the game a long time ago and gave away my stuff to people who deserved it, now i want to play again and none of my old friends play. i got no real focus on SP and i just want to quit again.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/NastaKilla Has alot of expensive books injected - 1 remap - nice Killboard
EveSkillboard - P0RT4L can fly carrier - books injected - 2 remaps

I’m just looking for a frigate/Cruiser character so i can make a comeback

6b for https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/P0RT4L
2b for EveSkillboard - NastaKilla

Should be able to get a pretty nice cruiser char for that amount of isk

Are u aware need pay two transfers ?

you need pay 40 usd to transfer out. I can offer you something, but need you understand you must pay 40 usd, 20 each.

grimaxemorpher Accepted - Send isk To NastaKilla and await confirmation for begin transfer - whats name of account?


your chars have more value.

nastakilla is around 4b. do u read my message ? i have this for trade for u

*** redacted *** i remove the link of a 24m character i had available

Will send within 24 hours

You accept for both of just nasta?

for both is ok 8b

I offer you now 3b for nastakilla

fair enough then accepted

Pk i sent you in a minute.

isk and account sent.

K will send the 6b to port4l

I btw you need to confirm that port4l is for sale by posting here with @port4l @nastakilla

I am not going to send isk until that is confirmed


The other char your selling has to post here

Confirmed for sale 6B send to p0rt4l because the transfer has begun on nastakilla


Going to send the isk as a count info very soon just gotta get a few things in order

Isk sent and account name is sent in a mail