Wanted to sell 15.x m sp char

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18b isk firm… id make slightly above that stripping 10.xm sp from the char…

contact Alexander Minto Hughes if you need to as I dont log into inchy very much

1. Wallet balance. in the positive
2. Kill rights nil
3. Jump clones none iirc
4. Character location. high sec near amarr or in amarr

Just search around, people are paying 15b for 25million plus skillpoints. Completely unrealistic b/o

like i said… I can get the same isk from strip mining the sp… and i did get told multple times a char is worth the amount you can get from the sp you extract

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Of 25 million total SP, 20 million are extractable. It will take 40 extractors to pull all that SP out and will cost about ~23-25 billion (sales tax will be almost 3 billion) and be worth about 35, for a net of 10 billion. Assuming the Eurozone/NA, its 20 something currency to CCP to do a transfer.

Considering that $24 gets a measly 500 PLEX pack from CCP, $20 for 10 billion ISK is a much better deal, though with significantly more network.