Wardec Change Proposal

Since the announcement of the negative wardec numbers, I’ve been thinking about what changes could positively affect wardec mechanics for the community in general. As a past player who used wardecs in my early days, I always felt the system lacked the immersion a war strategy should follow. There needs to be more player action happening in space rather than in settings windows.

So let’s start out with how you gain access to wardec mechanics. The idea is we shrink the war theater down to the region level, instead of the entire empire space level. To access wardec mechanics the corp/alliance must have a War Headquarters anchored and in high power status. This structure could allow structure features for both attacker and defender to effect the war theater. In this proposal I will only address the most basic wardec mechanics, granting access, and issuing wars. Below is the idea of how a War Headquarters specs could read.

War Headquarters
Volume: 8,000 m3
Fuel Bay: 21,000 m3
Fuel Consumption: 25 blocks an hour
Can Dock: Yes
Tether: No
Anchoring Time: 24 hours
Unachoring Time: 24 hours
Shield HP: 2,000,000
Shield Damage Cap: 5,000 dps - 6.6 minutes
Shield Resist: 20% Omni
Armor HP: 3,000,000
Armor Damage Cap: 5,000 dps - 10 minutes
Armor Resist: 20% Omni
Hull HP: 4,000,000
Hull Damage Cap: 5,000 dps - 13.3 minutes
Hull Resist: 20% Omni
Reinforcement: (24 hours) Hull Only - High Power Only
Anchor Distance: 1000 km from any station/gate/citadel


  1. Can only be anchored in Highsec
  2. Only 1 structure can be anchored per region per corporation/alliance


  1. Can be attacked at any time and attackers will incur a suspect timer.

Item Description
The War Headquarters is used as a forward operating base and will allow you access to war mechanics. Once anchored you can begin anchoring Salient Projectors inside constellations within the region this structure resides to begin declaring war on corporations/alliance who own structures.


  1. Only 1 War Headquarters can be onlined inside a region per corporation/alliance

This structure has now forced the attacker inside highsec and has given the defender the ability to completely halt a malicious enemy from participating in wardecs.

Next is how we will initiate wardecs with entities within the region. Now we will further shrink down the war theater to the constellation level. The idea would be the attacker would go into a constellation that a corp/alliance is working out of and has citadels anchored, then drop a Salient Projector. The attacker would specify the target corp/alliance desired that has structures inside the constellation, dump some fuel in the fuel bay, and pay the fee. After that a 24 hour online time will start and notify the defender a war has been initiated and that as long as the Salient projector remains online the war will continue. (Not including the other variable offline prerequisites listed below)

Salient Projector
Volume: 4,000 m3
Fuel Bay: 21,000 m3
Fuel Consumption: 25 blocks an hour
Anchoring Time: 24 hours
Online Time: 24 hours
Offline Time: 24 hour self destruct timer
Surrender Offline Time: 120 second self destruct timer
Shield HP: 1,000,000
Shield Damage Cap: 2,500 dps - 6.6 minutes
Shield Resist: 20% Omni
Armor HP: 1,000,000
Armor Damage Cap: 2,500 dps - 6.6 minutes
Armor Resist: 20% Omni
Hull HP: 2,000,000
Hull Damage Cap: 2,500 dps - 13.2 minutes
Hull Resist: 20% Omni
Time Offline: 26.4 minutes
Anchor Distance: 1000 km from any station/gate/citadel


  1. Can only be anchored in Highsec
  2. Only 1 structure can be anchored per constellation per corporation/alliance

Item Description
The salient projector is used to establish a beachhead into enemy territory. This is your first step in projecting military might into foreign territory. Once this structure finishes onlining you will be at war with the specified corporation or alliance within the constellation this structure is anchored.

Online Prerequisites

  1. Name a Corporation or Alliance that has a structure anchored within the constellation this structure resides.
  2. 1200 fuel blocks must be installed into the fuel bay.
  3. Attacker must own a War HQ inside a highsec system within the region the constellation resides.
  4. 250,000,000 isk deposit

Offline Prerequisites (This cannot be reversed)

  1. Attacker offlines structure.
  2. Defender surrenders and attacker accepts.
  3. Structure runs out of fuel.
  4. Structure hull reaches 0.
  5. Defender no longer has any structures anchored in constellation.
  6. Attacker does not pay 250m isk every 7 days

Of course all of this is just a rough draft numbers, but the mechanic in general seems fun. I feel this could create a very interesting wardec system inside highsec and give CCP the ability to add additional structures to the war dec system that could make things quite interesting for everyone involved.

Example of that would be, the defender has a War HQ online and has structure anchored that sends notifications that a Salient Projector has been anchored (not online) inside said constellation.

Another could be a structure the attacker anchors on an athanor grid that affects the mining laser efficiency to reduce asteroid generation.

The most important part of all of this is if the defender is actually winning the war, they could punish the attacker by removing their War HQ which prevents them from participating in war mechanics.

Lastly the people that do not want to participate in wardec mechanics can live out of NPC stations, which forces them to work in a less efficient manner without citadel bonuses.


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