Warp rope module

It would work the same as a warp disruptor but when you went into warp the captured ship would go with you.

Please CCP add this module, I really want to play with it.

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I feel like this would have massive griefing potential, and not in the normal “shoot a ship for no reason” way. In a “this could massively disrupt people with little to no balancing”. It’d be funny until everyone with nothing better to do decides that your ship is better off in the center of an entire fleet. Edit: I still think it’d be hilarious though

The results would be the same as one ship overpowering another.

It’s a great idea. Not only to drag an enemy ship into a fleet but also a friendly ship to safety.

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I think this module is called a Micro Jump Field Generator and it fits on Command Destroyers.
However it’s 100km, not warp.

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Only if we can warp them into the sun for destruction…

No, not really.

Why not an ISK rope or leech instead that can siphon ISK directly out of the target’s ISK account. It would have a spool up mechanic too and a counter-play option as well, thus it would be most effective on AFK players and barely any effect on others. It would be usable in hi-sec too without a criminal flag but would create a suspect flag.


Just like a person who gets shot down in Velator in Jita would definitely be bullied by this, so instead of a meaningful contribution you write â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– .

I have been inside of the sun, it does not destroy your ship.

Ok, this would be very funny, and I totally want to see it in game, but it really should not be added.

HOWEVER, IF, it was added, then it would have to have a very harsh limiter on what could use it on what.

For example: the ship with the point must be 7X more massive then the pointed ship in order to drag it into warp, or just a hard ship class limit: BSs can only drag cruisers and below, BCs can only drag destroyers… etc etc. Also the pointed ship should be able to stop if they are paying attention and realize what is about to happen. And to put the cherry on top the point would need a range of 5km or something stupidly small.

It’s only 100km if you have one. Been in an offensive 3-in-a-row boosh to catch kitey Machariels 300km out on an ESS grid, once :wink:

I could see gameplay testing a module that would have a tackle ship follow its target into warp, however forcing someone else to warp into places, like POSs, citadels, NPC sites, and massive hostile fleets, would be a terrible game design.

Follow into warp would be cool, add something like a 20km range that they land next to the warp point of the target and a slight cooldown on pointing to keep things a bit fair for the person who is being roped. though it would still need an absurdly small range.

Only if using it on a negative wallet means you accrue their debt.

How do you feel about griefers filamenting people?

Hilariously funny, but … no, thanks. We already have booshers to contend with.

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