Warp to the Sunesis

Hi I’m Cathy Okagima, you may of seen me on the odd post here or there.

I think its time I introduce myself a little.

I am Deteis who loves a little fun, in moderation of course.

I work for Sigil Solutions and right now we have an offer for you.

Some people may of noticed that there are a few fewer Sunesis in Jita at the moment

Well don’t let looks decieve you soon the PKN HyperNet relay will be full of juicy deals, just swing by Jita and take a punt.

That’s me Cathy!

Fair profits to you and yours,

Cathy Okagima
Chief Executive Officer
Sigil Solutions
In association with PKN Interstellar and the esteemed Nugoeihuvi Corporation


Greetings Cathy,

I wouldn’t mind taking a look at your wares. Always willing to window shop before committing to an item, of course. I’m sure you understand?

Nice to get out and about!

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