Announcement on Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions [S-IBS]

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I am reuploading the post I had made on the previous forums here as well as there have been some updates regarding the foundation of S-IBS.

Original Post

Greetings IGS.

With great pleasure I announce that yesterday morning a gala was held in Yulai VIII as a celebration of starting up Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions in the corporate offices of the corporation. Inner Circle Tribunal representatives, as well as political figures from all the four Interstellar nations of New Eden who are stationed and representing on some manner their respected nations here in Yulai, honored me with their presence and I am grateful for all their support.

S-IBS was a goal of mine for many years as I have been involved in various humanitarian efforts in my pre- capsuleer days on Caille through UC and by helping back into my homeworld Rens V and I am proud to see it come to life.

S-IBS in short is an Interstellar Bank which will cover every financial service that is required throughout New Eden, however its particular aim is to help and better the lives of people ensuring their financial security, promote trade and commerce as well as work in developmental projects throughout the cluster. All this in a sustainable manner achieving the triple helix of social, environmental and economic success wherever its services will be required.
Some of our services include Investment banking, lobbying for particular humanitarian causes in the form of financial assistance over those causes, commercial banking, funding of security operations that ensure the safety of baseliners, financial turnaround of failed companies and many more(all of which can also extend to capsuleer organizations or capsuleer individual clients)

Currently the main operations of S-IBS for the coming weeks will be restricted into the region of Yulai, helping the region, however slowly but surely we will be expanding throughout the region as we are already in talks with the Bank of Luminaire and are looking into holding talks with the other three nations of New Eden. Finally, our trading department is already present in various planets throughout New Eden.

In addition, S-IBS is also marked with the release, of some humanitarian efforts into those affected in the warzones of the Gallente-Caldari nations. More information regarding these efforts will be released in the coming days, however I would like to extend my gratitude to both the Federal Navy and the Hyasyoda Corporation on the assistance they provided for this endeavour.

Politically, S-IBS supports any action that ensures the deliverance of interstellar Law, opposing criminal cartels as well as any political entities that wish to cause volatility, chaos and inequality in New Eden and the baselining communities. This means we recognize CONCORD and each of the main Interstellar nations that are recognized or will gain recognition by Interstellar Law in the future as the sole providers of stability and powerholders in New Eden, respecting their customs, laws, traditions and religions of theirs and the communities of baseliners who seek refuge within them and align with them. S-IBS will also respect the political decisions of the aforementioned in matters of war and trade and will remain true to its cause working through these decisions. S-IBS aims to offer a demonstration of how cooperation can provide solutions and be a beacon of Interstellar collaboration regardless how long the road ahead and despite the current difficulties each Interstellar nation faces with one another.

The lobby of S-IBS will be open to capsuleers who are aligned to our political views in Yulai VIII in one of the coming days. S-IBS is interested in anyone who wishes to help us in bettering the cluster either by directly working for us or investing in the corporation. Given how we are not a publicly traded company yet, any of the aforementioned should go in a private manner by sending me a mail, where all the details will be worked on a private manner with the legal department. Interest provided via a public response in this thread will not be considered acceptable.

Lastly, there are some considerations of extending a gala for capsuleers interested in helping S-IBS either as investors or helping politically. This depends on the interest demonstrated by the reception of this post and the number of mails I will receive in the coming days.

Update as of 2/7/YC 119

To begin with, these are our now open to the public lobby ((name of the channel is as the link provided))
Yulai VIII S-IBS HQ offices Lobby

Here follows a list of services that S-IBS will be undertaking as more personnel will be joining so will the scope of these services be expanded accordingly.

  1. Trading, capital investments and financial turnaround for clients(corporate finance advice and management for clients).
  2. Manufacturing, Hauling and mining operations.
  3. Diplomatic and Lobbying services.

There will be two more added which will be security/mercenary and exploration services, but given how S-IBS only has its partners to protect itself right now, these services will become active only and if personnel wanting to help us in forming our security wing will join S-IBS.

Thus, S-IBS is looking for people to join in all the above sections as also is looking for directors in the said above positions as well.

Lastly as there could be some startups out there which have similar goals with S-IBS and could potentially consider merging with our interests, S-IBS would be open to such a consideration as well. This could be highly advantageous for all involved parties as S-IBS wouldnt change the goals and purposes of those corporations, in fact it would seek to empower them and work on them while using S-IBS as a hub with its partner and trading capabilities, as long as some general guidelines will be established after some diplomatic discussions have been initiatied.

((As I dont want to turn this into a recruitment post here follows an OOC link which produces some more information on S-IBS and its recruiting capacities ))

Due to understanding that this forum isnt widely to be used as a recruitment one, I will close by saying that I d be glad to answer any questions of interest either by a mail or a direct conversation.

Take good care everyone and thank you for giving me your attention so I could express the founding of this endeavour, providing with details about intentions, services and scope of said services.

(Coulter Phelps) #2

What’s the tl:dr?

(Cristl) #4

Something, something scam.

(Ria Nieyli) #5

tl;dr is he is trying to muscle me out of the secretary market.

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Eh, no need to jump straight for the cynicism with this one. There are some idealists out there that would try to create something like this, so might as well consider this guy one until it turns out otherwise.

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I would have to say that Mr. Sepphiros and his organization were definitely a topic of interest of mine for a number of weeks.

Let’s just say I left satisfied with the results.