WCKG.NET - Wiki Circa Kismeteer Guide - Website for new/returning players

I started a new wiki run by myself on nearly all topics I could find. If I had spent more than 20 minutes explaining it to a user and I didn’t have a source, I would write it out long form and then post it to them. I then collected these and made it easier to use than other guides. For instance, Search works.

I’d love feedback and improvements I can make on the guide. If you join me in #new-player-questions on the eveo discord, let me know. Join the discussion on Discord | EVE Online is the URL to join that discord.

Let me know questions you have, or failures in my opinions on topics. Note, it is heavily horde biased because that’s the main group I’m helping.


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I’m continuing to improve this, and would really appreciate any feedback :smiley:

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