We a recruiting pvp,pve,mining builder to join us

“What has taken years to create may be obliterated in a moment with one well-placed hyperthermionic detonator.” Col. Jarl Stetvillier, 184th Minmatar Construction Battalion

Is it nobler to wantonly destroy or to build the future? As war looms Crimson Minmatar Industry constructs the mightiest of warships, the most powerful of weapon emplacements, and the most daunting of fortresses.

Crimson Minmatar Industry is an industrial corporation

Null sec ore and ice mining with boosts
Corporate ore purchases from members
Refining and factory station access
High sec jump freighter deliveries
Small CTA responsibilities
Upgraded ratting anomalies
Planetary interaction
System defense response fleet


Omega Clone
Participation in corporate events
EU or US time zones

Join CMI channel

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