We listened to the comunity and removed the Retreiver pack!

You are full of it CCP. Absolutely full of it.

Thanks for advertising this, looks shiney, best hurry less then 3d left to get this one.

See Streisand effect - Wikipedia for a more detailed explaination.

Where’s the pack? I don’t see it.

Looks like the ingame banner for offers after logging in or from the neocom button.

Maybe it’s targeted? I’m not seeing it anywhere.


Yup, it’s a log in banner for new accounts not tied to your main.

lmao …

lol …

Always loved how ruthless CCP is/works despite all odds …

Such a shameless bunch, beautiful.

But alas, devs also have mouths to feed, and Iceland is but a tiny island in the middle of the atlantic ocean, and times are hard.

Lol 100 plex to amplify your wallet. It’s just hilarious at this point.

Anyway can that retriever be sold?

How did you manage to conflate FOMO with the Streisand effect?

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

But it’s cheaper now. Only 18 Euro. That’s a bargain!



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