We need eve olympics

i think one thing that would be really cool is if we held an ev e olympics. since there are four empires with 3 bloodlines each and also multiple npc factions if we want to include them, there is a lot of variety for a potential olympics with diverse teams.

instead of gold, silver, and bronze, the medals will be skill injectors, large, small, and alpha. if you win you are a proven champion and should inject the life of other capsuleer into yourself to become even stronger and more superior

i imagine many interesting events for our eve olympics. a low-hanging fruit would be to have pve arenas and have races for best clear times…for example, who can blitz through an abyssal site the fastest or something. You could have 1v1 frigate duels as a form of space karate, and 1v1 battleship duels as space sumo wrestling. Vendors can sell hot dogs and quafe.

You could have team-based events as well such as having teams of 5 race to strip mine a field of asteroids the quickest or to have a relay race of interceptors where teammates must eject the relay into space to have others pick it up and continue racing. Who needs alliance tournament when you have eve olympics.

i propose we can even have a symbolic lighting of olympic torch. We begin in eve gate system and have new torch runner every jump all the way to jita. the runners of the torch can be our famous eve players such as fc, propaganda writers, alliance leader, and other impactful players. the torch itself can be fuel blocks that the final runner will put into a pos to turn it on. When the pos shields turn on, the olympics have begun…subsequently, the olympics end with a symbolic deactivation of the pos shield. I recommend gallente pos since they represent freedom and this is the olympics



You can join the EVE Online Special Olympics in the anti-ganking channels. Here is some footage from last year:


Sounds really fun, making your idea rather useless for eve

Well, good luck organizing such a thing.

These are such awesome ideas! Maybe the torch could be lit with the fires of the New Even sun? CCP could steam the torch carrying and it would probably attract new players

No, go away.

You know what? This actually sounds like fun. I like it. It even sounds like something players could put together. Like player ran tourneys and then some.

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