We Touch Your Holes - Recruiting New Line Pilot's Small Gang PvP, C4 Ratting

Happy new year and good day capsuleers, I am happy to announce a new wormhole corp is in the works and you can be a part of our expansion! We Touch Your holes is a newbro friendly corp with experienced leadership focused on small gang pvp, and c4 ratting. Have you ever wanted to live in a wormhole, are you new to j-space, have you lived here before and looking for a new home? Well… we got a place for you!

Activities -
Small gang pvp
C4 ratting
Light focus on industry

Structure -
0% corp tax,
0% pi tax
80% corp buy back
PvP loot distrubuted evenly among participants
Ship srp from pvp
Chances to make isk for helping with daily activites i.e. scanning the chain, rolling holes, creating bookmarks

If you are curious and want to learn more, drop a comment or send Lilith Badadaz a eve mail.

Hope to see you in j-space and, LETS TOUCH SOME HOLES!


Come touch peoples holes with us, bump.

Still taking applications, contact me here or in game

Still Recruiting, now with protection via a larger corp to help us get established, join up and enjoy some J space content.

Come check out j-space, we got cookies.

still recruiting, contact Lilith Badasaz for information.

Gaining members and still growing, contact Lilith if curious on being part of the team

Continuing to grow and establish ourselves, come and join the party.

Still looking for new recruits. Contact me for information. We have grown fast and are looking for more

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