Weapon batteries (whatever they are called)

I’m talking about the anchorable structures that come in small, medium, and possibly large sizes. Different kinds, i.e. pulse laser batteries, ‘these’ batteries, ‘those’ batteries, etc.

I’ve encountered these things anchored in wormholes, defending structures. I’ve also accumulated the odd BP here or there from drops or whatever else. My question is what the rules and circumstances are for how they can be used and anchored.

  1. Type of space (highsec/lowsec/nullsec)?

  2. Can they be unanchored (picked up) and moved around or redeployed?

  3. Can they be controlled by player, or are they completely autonomous?

  4. Can or will they shoot NPCs?

  5. Do they require fuel or ammo or anything else?

  6. Any rules about how close to another structure or object, how many can be there at the same time, etc?

  7. Other?


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Think ur seeing dead pos guns. Those batteries are only useful anchored to an online tower which has to be on a moon. They don’t shoot npc and they are basically being phased out with the introduction of citadels.

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  1. They can be used anywhere
  2. They can be unanchored by the owner or by destroying the POS-tower
  3. They can be controlled by players (there is a skill for that) and they will shoot automatically if nobody is taking control of them
  4. Yes
  5. They require ammo, one size bigger than the battery itself (medium > large ammo, large > extra large ammo)
  6. They require CPU and powergrid.They need to be anchored around a tower and the tower has limited CPU/PG to fit all modules around the POS
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Oh, so these are or soon will be obsolete as the previous poster says? And I cannot use these without an old-style POS?

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Correct and correct. The upwell-structures are replacing the old POS-towers.

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When CCP does the change, hopefully they’ll be replaced with something similar or at least equal in value.

They will likely have buy orders placed for them at NPC prices likely along with a massive reduction in the unanchoring time and volume so people can easily remove them and ship them to a station to get rid of

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If the old items are being phased out and removed from the game, CCP will more than likely either change the old items into the new versions or just give players the ISK value of the item.

I have BPs. What will happen to those?

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I don’t know, probably do the same thing, either change it to a new item BPC that replaces the old one or give ISK value of it.

Conversion is “possible” but more messy, there also aren’t new versions as citadels already have weapon systems and those cost a fair bit more than the POS versions which are cheap as chips, the weapons will be phased out the same time the POS sticks are, as without the sticks the guns are useless and without the guns the sticks are too vulnerable

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